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A dog is a man’s best friend. This is something that I truly believed in when I first got my pet husky, Alpha, for my 16th birthday.

A well-trained dog will be a great companion for everybody in the family regardless of young kids or older adults.

However, this was not always the case as Alpha wreak havoc in the household in the first 2 months of his arrival.

On this webpage, I would like to share with you a couple of things on dog training tips that will make your pet more valuable to all the members of your household. Here are some things that I would like to share with you about training your dog.

First off, in order for you to successfully train your dog, there are some basics in which you must understand. Obedience commands are essential for laying down a strong groundwork in the communication between you and your dog as it creates a common language that both of you understand. However, most new dog owners that I had seen never really establish this kind of communication and very often, it results in a disobedient pet.

Now, there are various styles of training that you can do with your dog, but I want to stick with the basics so that it does not get too complicated for your understanding.

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There are some important basics you need to learn to successfully train your dog before we start. Obedience commands are important for laying a foundation in communicating between you and your dog, it creates a common language that you and your dog understand.

To many new dog owners never really establish this kind of communication, and end up struggling with a disobedient dog as a result. There are many styles of training for your dog, but I want to stick to the basics and not get things too complicated for you.

First off, you need to know that the leash and collar is just one of the tools to help you training your dog. Many dog owners mistakenly think that leash training can replace the leader/follower relationship between the dogs and them. The point to note is that leash training can help increase the bond with the dog but it can never replace the trust that comes from you and how you treat the dog.

A great tip to faster success with your dog involves the use of positive reinforcement training to get your dog up to speed with basic commands. Simple encouragement such as petting or positive cheerful words or even giving your dog treats to eat will help them continue with their good actions.

Like I said before, there are many ways to train your dog and there is no one “fit-all” solutions for any single dog. Each individual dog behaves differently and have differing characteristics. I hope this article will encourage you to do your own research on different topics so that you can train your dog to be the best it can be.

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General Dog Articles | Dog Training Tips :

  1. 10 Fun Facts About Dogs
    Dogs are about as interesting as you can get when it comes to household pets. I've been blown away by all the things I've learned about them over the years. It's no surprise that they are the most popular pets in the world by a long shot.
  2. Agility Builds Confidence in Your Dog
    Agility is the ability to move quickly. In most references this adjective is used when referring to dogs e.g. Dogs are very agile animals.
  3. How to Deal with an Obese Dog
    Yes, dogs can get fat, and unlike human beings it is not something they have all that much control over. If you feed your dog a lot and let them lay around the house, they'll get fat.
  4. Can Chocolate Really Kill Your Dog?
    The answer is yes. The key substance in chocolates which is cocoa contains two lethal substances that are toxic to dogs.
  5. How to Reduce Dog Gas
    I'm not going to sugar coat it - some dogs fart a lot. And we all know that a dog fart is by far the most noxious, unpleasant smell you'll ever whiff. But, what exactly can you do about it? It's not as though you can train your dog not to fart.
  6. 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Vet for Your Dog
    It is essential that you get a good vet that will help you in taking care of your pet. A good vet is one that will take care of the health needs of your pet and one that show interest in the well being of your dog.
  7. Ways to Make Your Dog Love You
    You can make your dog love you even more with some extra care and attention. Some ways to make your dog love you include; being positive when training, providing adequate attention, and feeding a healthy but tasteful diet.
  8. Dog’s Basic Needs
    The basic needs of a dog are shelter, food and good health. Once you provide these then you are sure that you will have a very happy and comfortable dog.
  9. Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter
    Finding the perfect sitter is no walk in the park but here are some few tips to get you started.
  10. How to Make Your Dog Famous
    Before we go into how to make your dog famous, you need to decide to make your dog famous weigh out the pros and cons.
  11. How to Pick Your Dog’s Name
    While some people may take it lightly it is important to remember that a bad name picked as a joke will haunt you for the rest of your life.
  12. New Baby And The Family Dog
    Sometimes new babies take up so much attention, people forget about the dog.
  13. Rules For Walking Your Dog | Dog Walking Tips
    There is a general perception that a badly behaved dog is a result of poor training by the owner and they are therefore responsible for the bad deeds of their dogs.
  14. Dog Worms: Understand Dog Worms Symptoms and Infestation
    Understanding worm’s symptoms and infestation is very important for you to effect treatment and management of the disease and the other conditions they cause such as blood loss and worm related diseases.
  15. Choosing The Right Dog Breed
    Buying a new pet for your family can be the most exciting thing for most families. There is going to be so much expectations of the new member of the family.
  16. How to Reduce Dog Smell in Your Car and Home
    Let's face it - dogs can smell pretty bad. They roll in the mud, go to the bathroom in the outdoors and get baths once a month or less.
  17. Grooming Your Maltese Toy Dog: Tips You Can Try
    Maltese toy dogs are a favorite for older people who live in apartments or condos they do not require a lot of room and are very lively indoors.
  18. Keeping a Dog Tick-Free
    It is virtually impossible to keep a dog outdoors without them getting ticks, especially if they come close to other dogs or wander in places that have ticks.
  19. Exploit Your Dog's Personality Wisely
    Different dog breeds have different traits that can be defined by the breed. Personality on the other hand comes from the environment that the dog lives in.
  20. Best Dogs for Families with Kids
    If you have a family, you want a dog that you can trust around your kids, dog that is not rough or hostile and most important of all, a dog that has a sound temperament.
  21. Can I Give My Dog The Flu? | Avain Flu
    Much research is needed to determine the relationship between Avian Flu and dogs. Although considered extremely rare for a dog to get bird flu, cases have been documented in the past.
  22. Tips To Finding The Best Dog Insurance
    Much research is needed to determine the relationship between Avian Flu and dogs. Although considered extremely rare for a dog to get bird flu, cases have been documented in the past.
  23. Dog Whisperer Controversy: What You Should Know About This Hot Subject
    The Dog Whisperer controversy is such a case. Dog owners are sometimes at their wits end and it literally reaches a point where the dog either has to leave or be euthanized.

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