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Keeping a Dog Tick-Free

When your dog spends most of the time outside, the most serious concern is whether they will acquire tick borne diseases.

It is virtually impossible to keep a dog outdoors without them getting ticks, especially if they come close to other dogs or wander in places that have ticks.

You should take extra care of your dog during summer when outdoors. During the summer, the parasites are in the prime stage of infection. You should take the necessary measures to reduce the chances of your dog getting tick infestation.

Responsible pet keeping calls for you to carry out a number of activities to keep your dog tick free. The following are activities that will ensure that your dog stays away from the ticks and possibility of tick borne infections that are very costly to treat.

# 1 Regular Bathing of the Dog

Unlike what most pet owners do, you should take the initiative of bathing your dog regularly to ensure they are as clean and no skin parasites inhabit their skin. Frequent bathing eliminates the chances of ecto-parasites especially when you own a dog breed that has long hair.

Dogs with long hair tend to grow long strands that can act as hiding places for the ticks. You should also ensure you wash the predilection sites that ticks prefer to hide in. Pay attention to the areas below the tail and under the elbows since they are the most notorious places that ticks hide.

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# 2 Use an anti tick shampoo or soaps

When you are washing your dog, one thing that will help you keep ticks from your dog is a shampoo that has active compounds that kill ticks of all stages. Ticks tend to infect the dog during certain periods of the year and during a certain time in their life cycle.

#3 Limit outdoor interactive activities or interaction with other tick infested dogs. 

During the warm seasons, ticks are very active and they like to crawl into in all kinds of objects. This is the time that most dogs are infested with ticks. If your dog will go outdoors you should ensure you are there or you limit the chances of the dog interacting with other dogs that are likely to have ticks.

# 4 Cleaning the Dog’s Environment

Lest we forget, ticks are funny creatures that spend most of their time developing on the ground and they crawl to their host during their infective stages. It is therefore very helpful when you clean your dog’s kennel with the same anti tick solution you use to clean your dog. This will ensure you kill all the ticks that are in the environment and therefore keep your dog free from ticks that could be hiding or breeding in the environment.

This are simple day to day task which will ensure your dog leads a healthy life free from all tick borne diseases. This will also be a great way of saving huge expenses that are incurred treating tick borne diseases

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