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Dalmatian Training

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The Dalmatian breed was made very popular in the late 1950’s and again in the late 1990’s. This was mostly due to the popular Disney movie: 101 Dalmatians.

In the movie, Dalmatians are characterized as loyal and extremely intelligent dogs. This is true, but one thing you should also know is that proper training is essential to developing these great characteristics in a Dalmatian.

Dalmatians that are not disciplined at a young age can be rumbustious, and even become aggressive if not socialized.

Dalmatians are smart and most can be easily trained. Basic training for the Dalmatian breed is similar to other breeds, but Dalmatians require more physical activity. They are very active, and if they become bored can become hyperactive.

Stubbornness is something you might also have to deal with during Dalmatian training. Remaining patient and providing steadiness will help you overcome your dogs’ stubborn behavior while training.

Including physical exercises in training is very important. Allowing your Dalmatian to get all his energy out will help them stay concentrated. Agility games are a perfect source of physical activity for Dalmatians.

They thrive with physical stimulation, and do great in agility trials especially if they start out young. You can also try other games such as Frisbee or ball catching. These are simple forms of physical activity that will give your dog the needed exercise, and help them stay in line with training.

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Sometimes a collar and a leash are not sufficient to train bigger breeds such as the Dalmatian. If you are having trouble with Dalmatian training, consider purchasing a gentle leader. A gentle leader is fabricated with the same fabric as collars and leashes.

It goes around the muzzle and neck similar to a horses’ head collar. The gentle leader will allow you to have better control and be more efficient in training. Gentle leaders are especially helpful with commands such as “sit” and “down.” A gentle tug will allow you take charge of the situation.

Besides worrying about teaching basic dog commands, you also need to teach your Dalmatian to be well-mannered. Their hyperactivity can lead them to becoming destructive. Keeping them busy is one way to eliminate this behavioral issue.

Dalmatians also mature at a slower rate, and tend to chew on things until about 1 ½ years of age if not properly disciplined. Make sure you have toys available at all times for them to chew on, to prevent your household items from being ruined. You need to tackle destructive behavior as soon as possible; otherwise your Dalmatian will destroy your house!

Most Dalmatians do not require vigorous training because they are smart and eager to please their owners. Creating a close bond with your Dalmatian will be necessary so you and your pet can enjoy training time.

Keep the training fun and include play and exercise to reduce hyperactivity in your dog. Dalmatians enjoy mental and physical stimulus, so exercise and training can be combined. You can also find other sources of motivation for your Dalmatian to aid in training. A tasty treat is something your Dalmatian will surely enjoy.

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Dalmatian Training | Dalmatian Puppy Training | How to Train a Dalmatian

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