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Labrador Retriever Training

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Labradors are from the retriever family and make great hunting dogs, family dogs, and assistant dogs. They are very popular because of their sweet disposition, as well as being very intelligent. They love to swim and play fetch and are very athletic.

Labradors when grown, weigh about sixty-four to ninety pounds with the female being slightly smaller. 

The Labrador Retriever Training program is easy on both the handler and the dog because the Labrador learns fast and wants to please their master.

Temperament and Disposition Of This Dog

Labradors are natural hunters. Labrador retrievers have an innate instinct to hold something very gently in their mouth. They are known to be able to carry an egg without breaking it. Labradors are prone to chew so it is advisable to have plenty of chew toys around.

They also have excellent smell, which helps them to track a scent without any problems. Labradors love to swim and have web paws that will help them move through the water with ease. Labrador retriever training should also include swimming lessons for dogs.

Training Your Labrador

When it comes to training your Labrador there are a few things to keep in mind.  Although they are fast learners you will need to be consistent in your training. You will also want to remember they have a limited attention span. One of the best ways to use this to your advantage is take breaks often and play with them so they feel that training is fun.

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Playing can be throwing the ball and having them fetch it. Although this will seem like playing to your dog, it will still be a training of sorts.  If you are giving a command use a hand signal along with it, Labradors are visual and later when you are at a distance you will be able to use only the hand signal.

Labrador Retrievers Love Attention

Since Labradors love attention, and by working with your dog you will be developing a strong relationship. They actually become more devoted and determined to please you when you tell them how good they are doing.

The Labrador retriever training should include basic obedience along with some tracking variations to keep their interest. The hunting side of their instinct will follow a scent and find an object easily. If you train them to fetch while in the water and return it, you will have the beginnings of a hunting dog.

Training for Different Jobs

Depending on what you want your Labrador retriever to do will be the deciding factor in training after basic obedience training is completed. Labradors can be great family dogs, they love children, which will mean that they will need to be socialized around people and children. 

They can be assistance dogs; they are very good with the elderly or people that are disabled, which mean that they will have extensive training in obedience and leading. Or they can be hunting dogs, which is what their natural instinct is to be. This is where the fetching and water sports will really come into play. Really when you have a lab training can be unlimited.

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