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Doggy Odor in Labrador Retrievers

Let us say that you are sitting in your favorite chair and your dog comes over and lies at your feet and you smell this terrible odor coming from him.

There may be many reasons for doggy odor in Labrador Retrievers but is can be a sign that your pet is not healthy.

Checking your Labrador from head to tail will give you an idea what to do, and how to correct the problem. Labs are normally very athletic and are strong dogs, so if your pet is not bouncing around the yard fetching the ball, then chances are you have an ill dog.

What Can Cause Odor in Your Labrador retriever

Doggy Odor in Labrador Retrievers can be anything from oily skin to dirt accumulation. They can also have a dry, brittle coat and flaky skin which can cause problems. If you run your hand through the dog’s hair you may be able to see what is lying under it and determine if there is a problem.

Another thing that can cause odors is infections. Ear and anal infections are not uncommon and may require a visit to the vet. Always check your Labradors teeth to see if there are any dental problems or too much plaque buildup these two can cause unwanted odor. Check with your vet to see how often they recommend you get their teeth cleaned.

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Checking Your Labrador Out

What you want to look for when your Labrador has odors is any sign that something is wrong. Start at the top of the head and check his ears for any redness, or anything that has gotten into the ear. Ears need ventilation and the Labrador has floppy ears that cover the actual ear, bacteria can grow in warm most areas which maybe what is causing the problem. This means that this can easily be the source of the odor; an ear infection.

Check the dog’s teeth to make sure that there is not a problem there. Also check the Labs feet to make sure there are no cuts that may have gotten infected. The last thing to check is the anal area where there may be a buildup of feces from diarrhea or an infection has started.

What to Do When You Find the Problem

Be sure to write down all the details of your inspection, this is important if you do have to take you Labrador to the veterinarian and he has questions. Simple remedies to the doggy odor in Labrador Retrievers can be done without a vet, such as giving the dog treats that help with plaque buildup or cleaning and maintaining ear canals, as well as insuring their bottom is clean.

Your pet may get oily or dry skin and you’ll want to be careful to not over bath you Labrador, in fact if you bath your dog too much it may cause problems. Brushing their coat once a day will help eliminate dirt from gathering on the hair and will promote growth. If you suspect the odor is caused by something more serious such as infections or diarrhea it is best to check with your local vet.

Labradors are fun loving dogs that will bring hours of joy to you and your family. By keeping your dog healthy will provide years of friendship.

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