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Recent strides in technology have ensured that you do not have to go outside your yard/house to find a good trainer.

You can be your own trainer and with step by step instructions that you can find over the internet; Professional dog obedience courses online offer easy lessons to follow and makes your job so much easier.

There are also dog training videos online that have been made available to ensure that you know what to do and how to do it correctly.

With such an influx of training videos online, you want the best for your dog; something that will provide real help and help you in the process of training your dog.

While there are many scammers out there who promise a lot and yet when you get down to it, it is just a lot of gibberish that doesn’t give you what you expected. Based on reviews of people who have tried (Yes. We bought some of these courses ourselves) and tested these training videos online, the best training videos online are:

1.  Sit Stay Fetch By Daniel Stevens

This comes in an e-book format but offers an upgrade option where the buyer is offered the Secrets to dog training videos.

What’s good: This book is very comprehensive and covers a range of topics about dog training. There are bonus e-books offered in purchase of the book. The book is a first among dog training books, with a gradual step by step explanation. This course has a full money back guarantee, no questions asked policy. There is also full e-mail help line for support.

What’s not good: The price for an upgrade option in $99.95. If you are concerned about cost, you might want to check out other cheaper options. However, this book is worth every penny you pay for it, so the price shouldn’t be such a big deal for any dog owner that wants the best for their dog.

secrets of dog training

2. Dove Creswell - Dog training online

Dove Cresswell is a renowned dog trainer whose has trained dogs for television programmes as well as movies.     

What’s good: There’s a 100% money back guarantee if you follow the methods shown correctly. It is also ideal for those who don’t want to sit down and read since it uses audio-visual format.

It is also fairly priced at $38.97, making it affordable for most people.

What’s not: Any prospective buyer who is not audio-visual oriented will be at a disadvantage. The site also does not state how long the money back guarantee offer is valid. (It has a 60 days money back guarantee upon checks made by us directly)

dove cresswell dog training

3. Dog training lessons

This is available at the Dog training lessons membership site.

What’s good: They have a 60-day money back guarantee no questions asked, policy for unsatisfied buyers. This book is comprehensive with a wide range of training topic and tips for all kind of dogs.   

What’s not: The e-books that are offered as bonuses are not as good as the training videos that form the large part of this training. We reccomend Sit Stay Fetch as a better option over this choice.

4. Instant dog training videos - Debbie Jeane

Provides high quality training videos that will aid you in training your dog

What’s good: The videos cover a wide range of topics; there is an eight week money back guarantee policy, which shows confidence on the seller’s part. Once you pay, you can download the videos instantly.

What’s not: This book targets people who like videos, for others who prefer something else, it is like a mixed basket of goodies.

Best Dog Training Videos Online | Videos on Dog Training :

  1. Funny Dog Videos
    Check out our collection of funny dog videos in this webpage. Have a good laugh with the jokes and fun videos.
  2. Amazing Dog Tricks
    Check out the most amazing dog tricks to teach your pet today. Get the videos in step by step instructions.
  3. Preventing and Dealing With Dog Bites
    If your dog bites or if you are in danger of a dog biting you then you need to understand what to do to prevent the bites.
  4. Terrier Dog Tricks Video
    Check out this cool video on a terrier that has been well-trained to perform dog tricks.
  5. Leash Pulling Problem Video | How to Stop Dog Leash Pulling
    Learn how you can stop you dog pulling on your leash in this video. This video details useful information on how to stop dog leash pulling.
  6. Dog Trick - Walking with a Limb
    In this interesting video, we see how a dog performs a dog limbing trick - by walking with a limb on command. You can teach your dog too!
  7. Stop Your Dog Chewing the Leash
    This behaviour of chewing on the leash is known as leash biting. In puppies, this behaviour could be cause by teething. In older dogs, there are several reasons that cause leash biting.
  8. Keep Your Dog Out Of Restricted Areas
    There are various ways you can employ to keep you dog out of restricted areas in your home. The simplest way is to establish boundaries, which the dog has to stay within.
  9. Dog Chewing Training Video | Stop Dog From Chewing Tutorial
    In order to stop your dog from chewing unwanted objects, you have to understand that this behaviour stems from several reasons, and that by knowing the reason, you can better solve the problem
  10. Teach Your Dog to Swim | Dog Swimming Lessons
    So do not assume that if you place your dog in a pool of water he will paddle away. To ensure your dog will know what to do in water, you need to teach him how to swim.
  11. Calming Signals For Dogs | Calm an Excited Dog Or Canine
    In a domestic setting, the dog will give out these signals in situations where they feel intimidated or threatened. These signals are meant to calm the person to whom they are directed at.

Best Dog Training Videos Online | Videos on Dog Training

dove cresswell dog training