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Preventing and Dealing With Dog Bites

If your dog bites or if you are in danger of a dog biting you then you need to understand what to do to prevent the bites.

A dog that has never shown aggression may at one point change its attitude, making the owner scared to even take the dog out for a walk.

But that accumulated energy may even worsen the problem, so leaving your dog in your yard is not the answer in fact it is the wrong medicine.

So what do you do if you own a dog that bites or you see a strange dog ready to attack? Keep reading and you will know how to protect yourself and others from a biting dog.

Tips For Preventing And Dealing With Dog Bites

If your dog has all of the sudden become a biter you as the owner must figure out the reason before it is too late. If your dog gets out and bites a person it can be put to sleep, so you must solve the problem before that happens. The only way that you will solve the problem is by finding its cause and correcting it.

A dog in pain may be more likely to bite people for fear of being injured any further. Your dog may have changed its role in your pack if it decides that the pack has no leader. In other words the dog’s aggression may be more related to the owner than the dog itself.


Fear is another reason your dog may bite. Insecurity can develop on a dog especially if it has not been well socialized. A way to prevent that is to obviously get your dog to play with other dogs from puppyhood. There may also be position aggression. That is one of the most difficult cases to treat because the dog becomes obsessed with an item or even you as the owner.

An obsessed dog is not a healthy dog and correction should be done immediately. Preferably you will use the help of a professional in order to treat cases of aggression. They are better trained to deal with dog aggression issues than the average owner. Understanding the reason for the aggression puts you on a better position to control and eliminate the behavior.

If You Are Facing A Biting Dog

If you are facing a dog that may be aggressive and looks ready to bite your system may automatically go into Fight or Flight mode; those are not however your only two options. You must manage to remain calm in order to think better. You will not outrun an aggressive dog so running is out and you can get seriously injured if you decide to fight.

First thing you must try is to startle the dog. Loud noises will most of the time change the dog’s frame of mind, and make you a threat it does not want to face. If the dog is not faced you must then look for a safe place. Back away slowly without seeming challenging to the dog and get something to separate you from it-this can be some of the most essential idea to preventing and dealing with dog bites.

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