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Golden Retriever Training Tips

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In the early to mid-eighteen hundreds, the Golden Retriever first appeared on a certain Lord's estate in Scotland.

This Lord had an aim to breed a great hunting dog dedicated to retrieving the fowl that was hunted and which frequently fell quite a distance from the shooter, sometimes into bodies of water. This, of course, would have made hunting most uncomfortable when having to retrieve your own bird.

Although some Golden Retrievers may still fulfill the role as a hunter's companion, the main purpose of this breed today is to fulfill the role of a family pet. Temperament of the Golden Retriever is often the greatest reason for choosing a puppy. This certainly makes how to train your Golden Retriever easier than with many other breeds. They are extremely people-friendly dogs and are generally non-aggressive to humans and other canines.

That is not to say that if attacked by another dog they won't defend themselves. Usually, however, they are quite easy going and tolerant of strangers. In other words, a Golden Retriever does not fulfill the role of a guard dog very efficiently, but is the first to be considered for a playmate for your children, especially since they also have a high level of energy.

Once this beautiful, wiggly, loving Golden Retriever puppy has entered your home, it usually doesn't take long to learn that accidents and puppies are synonymous and that furniture and carpets or hardwood floors are not. New dog owners learn quickly that training the puppy is an absolute MUST! Fortunately, how to train your Golden Retriever should be fairly easy, since they are very intelligent and truly aim to please.

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It is often advised to have your dog trained professionally, which is a good idea. However, if you decide to train your puppy yourself, you must first identify all the problems you need to address;

The puppy must:

1) Learn that outside is the elimination area.

2) Play only with designated toys.

3) Come when called.

4) Not to jump on people.

5) Learn not to bark too much.

Those are the five most important lessons you need to keep in mind when training your puppy. They are also the foremost reasons to protect your home and furniture, as well as the dog itself, from harm. There are other lessons, of course but some of them may not even be needed. For instance, you don't need to know how to train a golden retriever not to bark incessantly if that is not his nature in the first place.

There are all kinds of tools available to aid in the training of your puppy. Crate training is very useful in potty training. It is also particularly useful when the puppy is alone for a period of time. It is not recommended to leave a puppy alone for long periods, but sometimes it is unavoidable for perhaps a half hour. The crate is a safe place to keep puppy and surroundings out of trouble.

In time, contrary to what many people will say, it will come to consider the crate as "his room;" his safe haven when it needs the comfort of solitude. The pet stores also have training leashes, whistles and clickers as well as a myriad of other training tools available. Training your Golden Retriever is usually a learning experience for owner and dog alike.

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Golden Retriever Training Tips | Training Golden Retriever Puppies:

  1. Feeding Your Golden Retriever
    They are smart and pleasing which makes them excellent service dogs. So with all they do for us shouldn’t we at least make sure they have a good meal?
  2. Golden Retriever Puppy Training
    Golden retriever puppy training may be some of the easiest training you can do. These puppies are smart, pleasing, loving and they were bred to learn.
  3. Golden Retriever - A Loving, Large Family Dog
    If you want a dog that will be loving, smart, loyal and can be as snuggly as a big teddy bear then you should not look any further than the forever popular golden retriever.
  4. Grooming Your Golden Retriever
    The Golden Retriever has many fantastic attributes. They are great with children, very smart and have a lovely disposition. They don’t tend to wander, are often very simple to train and are tidy in the house.
  5. Tips for Socializing Golden Retriever Puppies
    Socializing golden retriever puppies should start at an early age. The starting age will depend on how fast the owner is willing to start training the puppies.
  6. Successful Golden Retriever Puppy Training
    These dogs need successful Golden Retriever puppy training to become the ideal pets with the teaching beginning before they leave their mothers or soon after receiving your pup.

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Training Golden Retriever Puppies | How to Train a Golden Retriever

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