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Grooming Your Maltese Toy Dog: Tips You Can Try

Maltese toy dogs are a favorite for older people who live in apartments or condos they do not require a lot of room and are very lively indoors.

The Maltese is a very loving companion who wants lots of attention and with the care that these dogs need attention is what they will get.

When grooming your Maltese Toy Dog there are several things that you will need to take note of to have a healthy happy pet.

These lovely bundles are playful and love to snuggle right up to you. Their weight of seven pounds and height of ten inches make them the ideal social animal.

Maltese dogs have long silky hair that is normally white and drop down ears with black noses. They do not have an undercoat and rarely shed so caring for the Maltese means taking care of his beautiful coat daily. Since they love to be around people this routine of daily care is a joy to them and something that they look forward to each day.

Ears And Teeth Need To Be Cleaned

The ears need to be checked on a weekly basis as these dogs will have excessive hair in around the ear canal. The Maltese is prone to ear infections and fungus so there is a need to keep the ears clear for ventilation purposes.

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The dog will let you know if an infection or something is wrong with his ears by being sensitive to your touch, shaking his head, or itching around the ear area. Also check for excess wax build up. If your dog does have redness or irritations take him to the vet for a checkup. The teeth will also need to be brushed on a daily basis to keep plaque from building up.

Eyes Need Special Attention

Maltese have large tear ducts that leak very often. The tears will stain your pooch’s hair below the eyes and matt up. Special attention will need to be given on a daily basis to keep the stains from becoming permanent.

Using a small metal comb and brushing the area below the eyes will keep the hair from matting up. By washing your dogs face every day with distilled water will also keep the staining from being permanent. Some foods will produce more tears than normal so being aware of the Maltese diet it will be important in maintaining your dog’s eyes.

Brushing the Coat

You will want to bathe your pet and is a major part of grooming your Maltese Toy Dog. Since the dogs hair is fine and long it has a tendency to matt up. The best thing to do when you discover matted hair is to try and release it before giving your dog his bath. If you can’t break it up with your fingers use something to detangle.

Be sure to completely brush your Maltese before giving him a bath and once done with the bath blow dry his hair. The brushing should always be from head to toe. Also make sure your Maltese is thoroughly dry after their bath.

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