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Dog Obedience Training Tips And Lessons

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The relationship between many dog owners and their dogs is based on a lot of assumptions. When you let out string of words and your dogs corks her ears at you, it could be sign she is listening or that the sight of you rambling on incoherently interests her.

With obedience training, trainers aim to teach the dogs to make associations between commands given and the specific action that should follow each command.

Thus, by use of obedience training, a line of communication is opened up which enable the owner to clearly communicate what he wants from the dog, and the dog in turn can understand. This is just one of the many benefits of obedience training, others will include

Establishing a pecking order

The dog is able to identify his owner as his master and regards him as such. This is important since without this, the dog sees you as equals or may see himself as your master and will choose to obey or not to obey commands given. For a detailed look on this, read an earlier article written here: How to Be the Alpha in Your 'Pack'

Health benefits

Obedience training is stimulating for the dog’s mental health and his physical well-being. This kind of training requires that the dog learns to make associations and remembers consequences which helps keep the dog sharp mentally. Obedience training also involves physical exercise which will help keep the dog fit.   

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Good relations

It will help improve the relationship between you and your dog. It helps build a bond between you and your dog. This bond is based on respect and trust. With obedience training, you do not have to get angry because the dog lashed out at someone in the street or broke away from his leash and dug out your neighbour’s flowers.   

- A dog that has undergone obedience training is well mannered and a source of pride for his owner. It makes having a dog much easier and you will feel less anxious about leaving such a dog with children or at home.

- For those aiming to get dogs that will wow the judges in dog show competitions, obedience training is a must. A well trained dog will earn you points and will also make it easier for you to offer advanced dog training.

- In sporting breeds such as the golden retriever, the response a dog displays during obedience training is a good indicator as to whether the dog will be any good in future. No one wants a retriever that will run off with the quail when asked to retrieve. Before any further training has to take place, the dog must first show promise in obeying commands.

- It will help your dog become more confident. When a dog obeys a command, the result is usually a lot of praises and encouragement. The dog will love this sort of attention and will naturally want to do better in order to please. In the process your dog becomes more confident and sure of himself.

In general, a dog that does well in obedience training will be every dog owner’s dream dog.

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Dog Obedience Training | Dog Obedience Classes :

  1. How to Deal with Aggression and Biting
    Aggression in a dog is frightening. The first time your once cute and cuddly puppy decides to snap or lunge at someone in your home, you likely break out in a cold sweat and start worrying about how much further it could go.
  2. Ways to Stop Your Dog Digging in the Wrong Places
    Dogs will dig - it's in their DNA. In the wild, a dog digs to create a den in which to sleep or to protect and stash away food for future eating. But, just because they're coded to dig, doesn't mean they should be able to go at your tulips at will.
  3. How to Deal with an Over Excitable Dog
    A dog with too much energy can be especially draining. When you're gone for a few hours a day and come home to a dog that quite literally cannot sit still, the first response is often anger. But, for a dog with too much energy prone to excitement, anger is the last thing you want to exhibit.
  4. How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash
    Learn how to stop your dog pulling the leash. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You get home from work, greet your furry friend and then go to snag the leash.
  5. Working With A Difficult Dog
    What may constitute a difficult dog? Usually a difficult dog means an aggressive dog, but difficult can also mean an excessively shy dog or fearful dog.
  6. How to Teach Your Dog to Bark at Burglars
    Everything you've read has been about how to stop your dog from barking. But, what if you don't want them to stop barking completely? What if you would very much like them to bark when someone is outside and shouldn't be, or if they try to get into the house?
  7. How to Run or Jog with Your Dog
    One of the best things about owning a dog is that there are so many things you can do with them. From playing fetch to going for walks, your dog really does become your best friend - tagging along with you anywhere you go.
  8. Does Your Dog Get Overly Excited When Guests Arrive?
    It's not necessarily the worst thing in the world - a dog that gets excited to see people when they enter her home.
  9. How to Stop Your Dog from Growling
    Nothing is quite as scary as when a strange dog starts growling at you and you don't know why or how they will react. So, you can imagine when people walk by you on the street or visit your home they are slightly nervous about your dog's habit of growling and grumbling at them.
  10. Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up on People
    If this kind of action is not corrected, the dog may jump on someone with muddy feet which can be very embarrassing for the dog’s owner and annoying for the person whose clothes become soiled with mud or dirt from the dog’s paws.
  11. Use Of Dog Obedience Hand Signals
    Training a dog takes time and patience, but with consistency and positive reinforcement you will find that in no time your pet will be a loyal obedient friend for life.
  12. Taming a Dominant Dog
    There is some controversy as to whether a dog has dominating traits as suggested in the pack theory, or if the dog has learned bad behaviors from their environment and owner.

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Dog Obedience Training | Dog Obedience Classes

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