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Responsible Dog Ownership

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Dogs are lovely creatures that offer you endless love and companionship. Responsible dog ownership calls for you to take care of your best friend in all aspects.

This includes going the extra mile or spending the extra coin that will ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy.

If you a responsible dog owner you should carry out the following dog care related activities that will ensure a happy dog and master relationship.

# 1 Feeding your Dog on a balanced diet

You should feed your on a balanced diet to keep your pet healthy. Commercial dog food is a good source of balanced diet since they are formulated with all nutritional requirements. In view of the recent dog food recall scare, you might want to consider making your own dog food at home. It is also important that the dog is fed with enough quantity of food.

# 2 Health Care

You should ensure your dog is vaccinated against serious diseases that are likely to occur. The dog should be vaccinated from an early age to prevent diseases that they are most vulnerable. Vaccination of the dog prevents these infections even when the dog is exposed to possible sources of infection. You should also take your dog to a vet for routine medical check up to eliminate any chances of bad health.

# 3 Housing and Beddings

Your dog should lead a comfortable lifestyle in a comfortable kennel if they don’t live in the house. The dog should also be provided with bedding that will protect them from harsh weather conditions. For puppies, they tend to lose heat (hypothermia) fast and may suffer from a serious condition that may cause sudden demise. It is therefore important that they are kept warm with beddings.

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# 4 Spaying and Neutering your Dog

Unless the dog is intended for breeding, they should be spayed at the right age and males should be castrated for them to have a healthy pet lifestyle. Most pet owners prefer to have their dogs neutered or spay before they adopt them.  

#5 Dog Insurance 

Dog insurance is one of the surest ways of ensuring that your dog gets the specialized treatment they deserve anytime it is required. Dog insurance eases your burden of paying high veterinary costs for treatment or management of your pet. By getting a policy for dog insurance, it ensures that every pet owner who subscribes to be able to provide their dog with cover for any eventualities that may occur and require immediate veterinary attention.

#6 Parasite Control

Your dog requires regular bathing with medicated shampoos that kills all the parasites and acts for a long time on the skin preventing other parasites from inhabiting the skin. You should also regularly de-worm your dog to control the internal parasite load. From an early age, the dog should be give drugs that will kill or eliminate worms of all kind.

#7 Exercises and Walking your Dog

You should take time to exercise your dog to prevent them developing obesity or weight related disease. One of the easiest ways to exercise your dog is walking them on regular basis.

This list is endless and there are so many other things that a responsible dog owner should carry out to ensure they have the happiest dog.

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