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A quote from some wise man says “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” While many want to have great pets that will live long and healthy lives, sometimes this is not the case.

Pets out of curiosity get crushed on the street by a neighbour who did not watch his drive carefully as he reversed or by a careless driver who is speeding and does not care to slow down for your pet.

A pet insurance will also help cover the rising costs associated with the visits you make to the vet whether they are for a regular check-up or for specialised care that may be required if your pet suffers from conditions that require long term care.

What to look for in a pet insurance

1. Premiums

Depending on the level of coverage you choose for your pet, the cost will vary. Some companies may also charge higher for certain breeds. Age is also important in determining the cost of your premium. Go for one that you can afford to pay.

The premiums are payable monthly and you may choose to do this for a specified period of time such as when travelling with your pet or for non specified time.

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2. Level of coverage

What do you want out of your insurance? Insurance will cover many things from health to death resulting from sickness or accidents even lost pets. Go for one that will meet the needs you want your pet to be insured against.

A good plan that covers the health of the pet will take care of routine check-ups as well as the cost of medication and any medical procedures that your pet may require.      

3. Reimbursements

How soon will you be reimbursed for the costs spent? Does it take many months of moving from one office to the other and collecting forms? Look for an insurance plan that will reimburse claims fast with no surprises and no unnecessary delays.

After all, during times when you have lost your pet or your pet is sick, the last thing you want in some agent telling you why they cannot reimburse you.

4. No hidden costs

Before you sign up for any plan, ask around to hear what other people have to say. Some agents may not be very truthful and may leave out some information that will hurt you in future. Finding out from people who have use some of these plans is a good way to collect tips that will help you make up your mind about which policy is best.  

5. No cheats

There are many companies that claim to offer insurance for pets. To avoid being hoaxed by agents who are looking to make quick money and leave you exposed, information is your weapon. Research possible companies and take time to find out what each of them offers, read reviews to see if they deliver.

Do not take chances on your pet. Better to be safe than sorry. A good insurance will ensure that your pet doesn’t suffer when he comes down with an illness just because you can’t afford it. By covering the cost of vet bills, it certainly makes life a lot easier to bear.

We hoped that this guide to pet insurance has given you a better insight on making decisions to purchase a policy for your dog.

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