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Choosing Good Dog Names

Your pet deserves a good name. Choosing a name for your dog can be a daunting task esspecially when you have an array of names to choose from and do not have the slightest idea on where to begin.

There are a number of helpful tips that may guide you to deciding the best name for your dog. When you are choosing dog names, consider names that are:

1) Short and easy to memorize.

A short name will be easier for your dog to memorize and it will make it easy for you during the training. The name should not be too long because the dog may take more time to learn and memorize the name. You should also avoid using compound names that are made up of two words.

2) Getting a Name from the Dog’s Character or Personality

Giving a dog a name that describes their character can be a good way of ensuring they are able to relate with their good character and continue to develop that good. You should try not to pick a name that has a negative connotation or a name that suggests something.

3) Observe the Dog’s Response to the Name

You may want to consider naming your dog a name that illicit a response from the dog. You should try calling the name and observe what happens to the dog. If the dog likes the name and responds well, it may be the best name for the dog.

4) Avoid Using Confusing Names 

Dogs are very sensitive and they may be easily confused if you use names that are also used to refer to other thing. Go for a unique and yet easy to memorize name.

5) Do not use the same name for two dogs or a name of another family member

You should avoid as much as possible to name your dog a name that they share with other dog or a family member with a close or similar name since it will leave your dog confused.

6) Use the Dog Breed as a Naming Guide

You should give a dog a name that suits a breed. Since most dogs are named when they are puppies, there may be some confusion of naming the dog with a name that suggests they are a small lovely tender pet while they grow to be the huge vicious guard dog.

The points mentioned above are not a hard-wired way to naming your dog. There are other factors that may be considered when you are naming your dog. The bottom line in choosing the right name for your dog is ensuring that it is short and simple.

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