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Benefits of Clicker Training

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It's no secret that an untrained dog is no walk in the park. The barking, the destruction, the seeming unwillingness to do what you want. It's very frustrating at times, and it can strain even the healthiest of relationships.

So, anything that promises to make your life easier with simple, painless training sounds pretty fantastic. But, in many cases, that "wonder solution" is never as simple as it sounds. Take clicker training for example.

Used by animal trainers of all walks, clicker training has been used for years to train dogs and teach them to respond immediately to the sound of that click. It's not as simple as all that though. You have to convince your dog that the click will in some way benefit them.

But, if you do it right, the clicker can turn around your stress-ridden household and make your life infinitely easier with good dog training.

How Clicker Training Works

The idea behind a clicker is very simple. You're training your dog to recognize exactly when they've done something right by using a clicker. The clicker will make a short, simple sound that they can hear from larger distances.

At first, you'll need to supplement the clicker sound with treats. In many cases, this just means sitting there with a bag of treats and handing a treat to the dog whenever you use the clicker. This enforcement will teach them that when you make a sound, they're being rewarded.

It can also be converted or combined with command words very easily, something that many other training methods cannot. The breed or intelligence of an animal is rarely an issue with clicker training either due to the natural response to the noise that most dogs already have.

It's humane, it's simple, and it's incredibly effective.

For the ultimate guide to clicker training, I recommend that you check out:

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So, what are the benefits of Clicker Training?

The number one benefit of clicker training is how simple it is. It can take as little as 15 minutes to teach your dog that a click is a good thing and even less time to start teaching them basic commands with a clicker.

It is also very small and easy to carry with you anywhere you take your dog. You can have a clicker in your leash hand and use it when on a walk to control your dog's walking behaviour. You also have the benefit of a clicker being very audible from great distances.

Additionally, a clicker is much more consistent than your voice. It doesn't have a tone and cannot be misunderstood by a dog. Sometimes, our commands can get confused with other words and can result in inappropriate responses from the dog.

Combined with a good command word, a clicker will tell your dog exactly what you want them to do and streamline the entire process of getting your commands through to them. You'll never need to worry about whether they understand that what they're doing is right or wrong.

In the end, a clicker can be supplemented with simple affection and positive reinforcement and you'll never need to resort to the more controversial and inhumane training methods that are out there.

If you're having trouble with a furry little friend, one of the first things you'll be taught by any dog trainer is to exercise them and then train them with some basic tricks. Clicker training can make that much easier.
For the best most comprehensive guide to clicker training go check out: Canis Clicker Training:

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Do that and you'll be well on your way to a happy, obedient and healthy dog.

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