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Chihuahua Training

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Every dog calls for a unique training method. Chihuahuas are sensitive and require patience when training them.

No dog should undergo brutal treatment when being trained.

Because of a Chihuahuas’ natural fragility, it is even more important to stay away from physical punishment as a form of training.

So how can you train your Chihuahua in a favorable way?

Positive Reinforcement

The Chihuahua is petite, but has a strong personality. Chihuahua training should be done using positive reinforcement. They enjoy physical activities, treats, and appraisal. These are all great forms of positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement consists of rewarding good behavior, and ignoring unwanted behavior. After finding a motivation source, you can commence training. Remember to reward your Chihuahua after he has performed well. This will enable your dog to learn, while having a good time.

Start Out with the Basics

You should start training off with the basic dog commands. As simple as the commands are, they will help disciple your Chihuahua and prepare him for future training. Below are some tips to teach your Chihuahua these commands.

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All dogs should learn this classic command. Teaching them to sit can help avoid inpatient behavior. For all training, you first need to show the dog the action you would like him to take then have them associate it with the verbal command. At first, you may need to help your dog by physically guiding him to sit. Immediately follow with a treat and verbal appraisal.


Teaching your Chihuahua to stay is necessary to help your dog develop concentration skills. This may be difficult for dogs with hyperactivity, but it is not impossible. Like with sitting, you need to show them what to do and help them associate the action with the verbal command.

Teaching your Chihuahua to stay can be more challenging than teaching your dog how to sit. Repetition is good to practice when your dog is having trouble with specific commands. Remember not to overdo it though, as a Chihuahuas’ nature can cause them to be easily bored.


Last but not least, you need to teach your Chihuahua to come on command. Teaching your dog to come on command can be lifesaving. Many dogs tend to run off and do not stop regardless of the owner shouting desperately. Once your dog learns to come, you can be sure that he will listen and you can prevent your dog from drifting away.

Other popular commands to include in Chihuahua training are; heel, down, off, and no.

The perfect time to start training your Chihuahua is when they reach 8 weeks in age. It is extremely important to follow through in training your dog. Chihuahuas have a tendency of becoming aggressive if not trained or socialized. This is mostly because their size makes them look so vulnerable, and people are inclined to treat them like babies.

Although they are small, they can become hard to handle once they start showing signs of aggressiveness. Chihuahuas are perfectly capable of learning basic commands, and even tricks. It is up to you to be successful in training your Chihuahua.

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