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Tips On Dressing Up Your Chihuahua

You have just gotten the much wanted little Chihuahua and now you are getting ready to dress him and take him out on the town. Most people take their small pets wherever they go and the dogs love it.

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the canine family and are named after a city in Mexico. These tiny dogs are about six to ten inches tall and weigh around six pounds. There are two types of Chi’s, as they are sometimes called, the long hair and the short hair.

They are very sensitive to the weather because these canines are thin skinned. This is the reason when you’re thinking about dressing; you will need tips on dressing up your pet Chihuahua.

Comfort over Style

Chihuahua’s should be walked everyday as part of their socializing routine. When dressing your dog choose outfits that the dog will be comfortable in. If it warm or mild out dress him in clothes that will keep him from getting overheated, or if winter time, put a coat on him so that he will stay warm. If you have a long hair Chi, note that they will also be warm or cool according to the weather.

Stylish Fabrics to Choose For Your Pal

Cotton is best for the milder conditions as they will let the dog’s skin breathe while still being protected. If it is winter time switch to wools for coverage ensuring that the coldness will be kept out. The main thing to remember is that because they are sensitive, the dog may have an allergic reaction to the material or outfit that you choose.

One tip in dressing up your Chihuahua is to try on the outfit for a short period of time to see if there is any redness, a rash, or if the dog starts whining. This will be a good indicator of whether it should be worn for longer periods.

What Clothes to Choose For Your Little Friend

It is very easy to be creative with clothes, while making them comfortable. The clothes should somewhat loosely but not fall off. Choose clothes that will reflect the Chihuahua’s personality, this will add some little character to his style. Also, think about how to dress according to the gender.

During the milder months try t-shirts and light sweaters, and during the summer wool sweaters and hoodies. Don’t forget a raincoat for those rainy days. If you take your daily walks in the evening put some reflectors on the clothes so they will be visible to vehicles and pedestrians.

You can have fun with dog costumes for your Chihuahua when you remember that there is a purpose for dressing them up besides being stylish. Your pet will enjoy being part of the fun as long as it is comfortable.

Accessorizing you dog will give the extra pizzazz you are looking for. Also, be sure get a leash that is appropriate for his breed. It should not be a pull chain but a flat collar type or a harness is good for that size.

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