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Tips to Teach Your Dog To Sit

The notion that a “dog is man’s best friend” can only find meaning if a certain rapport is established between the pet and his master.

While there may be a variety of ways by which this rapport or bond may be enhanced, one good way to achieve this is to spend time with your pet dog by encouraging it to acquire new sets of skills like learning how to sit.

This way, you are not only enhancing your communication lines with your pet dog but you are also enabling your pet to learn new dog tricks.

Teaching your dog to sit can prove to be advantageous in certain situations. For one, during gatherings, you can actually display the superior abilities of your pet dog to family and friends. Entertaining your guests will no longer a problem as your pet dog can provide that momentary ice breaker.

Moreover, when you teach your dog to follow instructions, such as learning to sit, it can potentially lessen your burden when it comes to caring for your pet as it will be receptive to your dog commands or instructions.

Hence, if you need your dog to do something or if you need your pet to refrain from doing something, it will work to your benefit if your pet dog is trained to follow specific commands.

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While the task of teaching your dog to sit may appear to be challenging, it is not altogether impossible to achieve. Yes, it may require a certain degree of your patience, but, once you see the results, it is certainly worth your while. 

To aid you in your pursuit to teach your dog to sit, you may consider the following guidelines:

1. You have to position yourself at the front side of your pet dog;

2. Find something to entice your dog. It may be a toy or a food which your pet likes;

3. Gently move the toy or food just slightly above the head of your pet as you slowly move it to the tail part;

4. At this juncture, you may say the monicker that you have given to your dog while holding the toy or food. Then say the magic word, “sit”;

5. Be sure to complement your pet dog each time it is able to execute your command perfectly. This phase in teaching your dog how to sit is very important as it will send signals to your pet dog that it has done the right thing which you approve of;

6. Repeat these instructions on a regular basis until your pet dog learns the rudiment of sitting.

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