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Tips on Buying a Chihuahua Puppy

This breed has been ranked as one of the most popular dog breeds people look for. In order to get a Chihuahua that will live up to its standard then you must be very careful when buying.

Many people in an attempt to get quick money set up breeding shops and breed Chihuahua-like dogs. Never compromise on the quality of a Chihuahua if you want to get value for your money.

When buying the following tips will aid you in selecting a good dog

Buy from a responsible Chihuahua breeder

Chihuahuas are prone to many hereditary conditions. Responsible breeders will screen the parents for presence of genes that cause such diseases. A Chihuahua that tests positive to the presence of such genes should not be bred since they risk transmitting the disease to the offspring.

Ask a vet about a reputable Chihuahua breeder in your locality or you can also search the internet for information in good breeders in your area.

- When choosing a puppy, choose a puppy that looks healthy alert and sociable. Avoid any puppy that displays aggressive tendencies or is reluctant to engage in play with the others. Healthy pups will be active and alert. Any sign of discharge from the eye or nose may be a sign that all is not ok.

Do not separate the puppy from the mother when she is too young as this is distressing to the pup and may cause the puppy to fall ill. If you do not want to lose the puppy then you can pay a deposit and keep visiting the puppy at the breeder’s until she is old enough to go home with you.

EQuine dog care

Do not buy the puppy from an unknown source and especially not over the internet. Get the puppy from a place where you can visit and be in contact with the dog. Spend some time with the puppies before making up your mind which puppy you will take.

Collect information on the appearance of Chihuahuas. This should include specifics such as coat colour, appearance of the head, body and other body parts. Having this information will help you be able to recognize a genuine Chihuahua when you see one.

If you get the appearance right then you have a higher chance of finding a puppy that will also have be of sound temperament.    

- Remember that sometimes despite taking the best care when choosing a puppy your puppy may turn out to be totally different than you thought. This happens and while it is very disappointing at times, the best you can do is giving the puppy the best care you can regardless of how she turns out. Once you purchase a dog and bring it home, you are responsible for it's well being and training the dog.

Even with the best screening methods, the risk of some hereditary diseases cannot be entirely eliminated. This means that even though prospective parents are screened at times the puppy may still end up with a hereditary disease    

You get what you pay for! Genuine Chihuahuas will be a bit on the pricey side, if you get your puppy too cheaply then think twice about the deal. Of course, this does not mean you must break the bank or pay too much for the puppy. You need to do your due research here.

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