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Bulldog Training | Bulldog Puppy Training

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Bulldogs are not outdoor dogs; they are the ideal house pets and are perfect for couples with children. Bulldogs may be naturally gentle and patient with children but, they still require proper socialisation and training.

This training is necessary in order to avoid any conflicts in the house and to avoid any messes when you come home.

Training a bulldog is best performed when your bulldog is still a pup. If you got the bulldog as an adult, training is still possible but it might take you more time and patience.

Typically, training the bull dog will involve the following: potty training, basic obedience training and leash training. Depending on how your bulldog behaves, you might also consider some advanced training.

Potty training is one of the first things your bulldog should learn. This will help prevent incidences of soiling in the house and instil proper manners to your bulldog early in life. When potty training, choose a spot where your bulldog can eliminate.

Every time the dog needs to potty, he/she should be taken to this spot. Any messes the dog makes in any place other than the designated spot should be well cleaned. This is because dogs can pick up even the slightest of scents and will return where they have eliminated before to potty again.

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Basic obedience training is necessary for discipline and also to enhance the relationship between you and the dog. In obedience training, the dog should learn to respond to some basic commands such as “sit” “heel” “come” and “stay”. A well trained bulldog is easier manage and to keep out of trouble. When teaching these commands, it is important to keep the commands short and simple. Your dog will not understand what you’re trying to say when you let out a string of words.

Demonstrate to the dog what each of the commands mean in order to establish a communication link. If the dog is having a hard time, then have a time out and try again after some time. Commands should be given out once, be assertive when you do and loud enough so that your dog hears.  Do not shout or yell.

Also, another characteristic of bulldogs is that they will ignore your commands if you let them. The dog should know that you are the master and your word is law. This way, the dog respects you and knows to comply with commands when you issue them.

Tips in bulldog training

- No one understands your dog better than you do, thus no trainer is better than you when it comes to training your bulldog. Commit some time to train your dog at home or in sessions elsewhere.

- Positive reinforcement (treats, verbal praise) works best when training. Avoid using negative reinforcement such as hitting the dog, locking him up or shock collars as a form of punishment when the dog behaves badly.

- Begin training on a good note and end on a positive note, this way the dog will look forward to future training sessions and is under less stress.

- The key to success in training your bulldog is patience, consistency and perseverance.

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Bulldog Training | Bulldog Puppy Training | How to Train a Bulldog:

  1. Purchasing a Bulldog
    Most Bulldogs love to stay home, but are quick to welcome you home after a long day of work. If you are thinking about purchasing a Bulldog, there are several things you need to learn first.
  2. Stop Your Bulldog from Excessively Barking
    A Bulldog that lacks discipline can exhibit unwanted behavior such as barking. Early training can help prevent your Bulldog from barking excessively. But what can you do to stop your dog from excessively barking once he has learned this bad habit?
  3. Characteristics of Bulldog Pups
    When being shown a bulldog pup, you can’t help to notice how charming he appears. You may be quick to decide on taking him home, without learning more about the breed.
  4. Grooming Your Bulldog
    Grooming bulldogs is a fairly simple affair since these dogs have a very short coat. Basic grooming will involve brushing, bathing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and cleaning of face creases.
  5. Quality Food for Your Bulldog
    You can find quality food for your Bulldog in just about any form. Dry, canned, and homemade foods all have the potential of being high in quality. There are ways to satisfy your Bulldogs’ hearty appetite with healthy foods and snacks.
  6. Growing a Family with Bulldogs Litters
    Bulldogs normally give birth to small litters with three to four puppies; some may have more or less. Since bulldogs are not that big, they will not take up too much space in the house but you may need to give the dam a bigger space.
  7. How to Spot a Good Bulldog Breeder
    Knowing how to distinguish a good bulldog breeder from a not so good one is important especially if you are looking to purchase a healthy bulldog.
  8. Proper Care for Bulldogs
    Different breeds call for different care. It is important that you learn about the proper care for Bulldogs. You need to understand a Bulldogs’ feeding, exercise, grooming, and health requirements.
  9. Bulldog and Its Clothes
    Bulldogs are known for their unique characteristics. They have the most adorable, wrinkled face and have a huge personality. They are medium in size, making them the ideal pet.
  10. Keeping Your Bulldog Free from Fleas
    Fleas are external parasites that are found on the skin of the dog. These parasites are blood suckers that are also capable of transmitting diseases.
  11. Choosing Bulldogs for Sale Online
    Everyone wants their dog to be happy and healthy. Choosing a Bulldog is a tedious process, but being careful and patient will make it more probable that you get a healthy dog.
  12. Allergies that Plague Bulldogs
    Bulldogs are prone to some health problems and allergies that may arise from a variety of sources. Allergies in bulldogs could either be due to environmental influences or food.

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