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Bulldog and Its Clothes

Bulldogs are known for their unique characteristics. They have the most adorable, wrinkled face and have a huge personality. They are medium in size, making them the ideal pet.

If you own a bulldog, you know very well that they can be extremely gracious. Not to mention, that you can further enhance this attribute by dressing them up.

For some people, it can be a challenge to choose the proper clothing, so let’s discuss a Bulldog and its’ clothes.

First, you should get to know your Bulldog a little better. Discovering his personality will allow you to dress him with the most suitable apparel. In general, Bulldogs can be described as relaxed and easy going. They love to cuddle with you and are perfectly happy staying at home. A cozy sweater or pajamas is always great for a couch potato! 

Another thing to take into consideration is your dogs’ built. Bulldogs have a stocky sort of look to them. Their short legs and wide body make it difficult to find clothing that will fit them well. Avoid bulky clothes that can make your dog appear chunky. Also, look for clothes that are not to snug and allow your dog to breathe well. Look for fitted, yet comfortable attire.

After a while, you will start to notice that certain colors compliment your Bulldog. Coat color is important to consider when choosing the color of your dogs’ clothes. Bulldogs come in red, white, brindle, and fawn.

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Most Bulldogs look great in bright colors, but are diverse in the way that they look good in just about shade. For girls you can try; hot pink, light green, and purple. For boys consider; navy blue, yellow, and aqua.

One final thing to remember when picking your bulldogs clothes is their activity level. Usually, Bulldogs are not very active, but this is not the case for all of them. If your dog loves to play and be adventurous, stay away from saggy and bulky clothes. This will prevent your dog from getting caught on fences, and from ruining their clothing. You also do not want fancy clothes to become soiled with dirt.

You can search for brands that are made specifically for the Bulldog breed. BDdogs and P Dawg are amongst the most popular Bulldog clothing brands. After a brief review regarding your Bulldog and its’ clothes, we can look into the more creative side of dressing them up. Certain holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter call for more festive attires.

Changing your dog into a Santa, skeleton, or Easter bunny outfit is always fun. You can also enjoy dressing up your dog for other occasions such as; swimwear for the beach, elegant dress or suit for a ceremony, and sunglasses for a walk in the park. Accessories can also play a role in creating a complete outfit for your dog.

Choosing clothing for your Bulldog is not only fun, it is also a way of showing that they are part of the family. For this reason, don’t forget to take into consideration what your Bulldog likes and dislikes in clothes.

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