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Choosing Bulldogs for Sale Online

Everyone wants their dog to be happy and healthy. Choosing a Bulldog is a tedious process, but being careful and patient will make it more probable that you get a healthy dog.

Bulldogs are a very popular breed. This is mostly due to their kind and peaceful nature. When choosing a Bulldog, temperament is not a main concern.

You need to focus on the breeder, the pup’s parents, and the pups’ health condition to increase your chances of obtaining a healthy Bulldog. You need to take extra precaution when choosing Bulldogs for sale online.

Research Information about the Breeder and Website

You need to speak to the breeder and ask questions. A responsible and experienced breeder will not hesitate to answer all of your concerns. A good breeder will also be interested in finding out whether you will make a good owner.

They will most likely want to ask you questions as well. Another tip for finding a reputable Bulldog breeder is to conduct a search and find reviews. You can go online and use the breeders’ name or website to search for reviews.

Ask about Information regarding the Pups’ Parents

This is by far the most important protocol in obtaining a healthy Bulldog. Do not hesitate to ask the breeder for medical records. You need to assure that both parents have had OFA radiographs, and that the results were okay. OFA radiographs are primarily used to check for hip dysplasia (which is a common health concern of the Bulldog).

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Also, ask about any other health issues that Bulldogs are predisposed to such as; allergies, patellar luxation, cherry eye, and ear infections. You must also ensure that the pup’s parents are up to date on their vaccinations, deworming, and flea/tick control. Parasites and diseases can often be passed from mother to pup. Making sure that the pup’s parents are generally healthy will make it more likely that your Bulldog will be healthy.

Be sure that the Pup has been Properly Cared For

Ask to see pictures of the facility and the puppies. This way you will know if the place is sanitary and if the puppies are properly housed. You will also be able to see if the Bulldog is well nourished.

Also ask to see the pups’ health certificate, vaccine record, and proof of deworming. Reputable breeders have their pups’ examined by a veterinarian and also include the Bulldog’s first round of vaccines, deworming, and flea/tick control.

Choosing bulldogs for sale online can be a bit risky. It is even more of a risk if you do not put the effort into searching for a responsible breeder. It is not too difficult; all you need to do is look for any online feedback regarding the breeder and website, call the breeder to ask questions, and ask for evidence regarding the pups’ and his parents’ medical records.

If the breeder refuses to provide you with these things, you should move on to another breeder. Following these steps can help you avoid receiving an unhealthy Bulldog.

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