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Proper Care for Bulldogs

Once you have acquired a Bulldog, you need to understand the special needs of your new companion.

Different breeds call for different care. It is important that you learn about the proper care for Bulldogs. You need to understand a Bulldogs’ feeding, exercise, grooming, and health requirements.

Feeding Guidelines

The Bulldog breed can be sensitive to certain ingredients in many dog foods. This can lead to your dog developing a food allergy. One way you can make sure your dog gets the quality food he needs, is to choose top notch dog foods.

To minimize the chances of your bulldog being food sensitive, you should stick to foods containing novelty ingredients and avoid corn/grain. Quality food for your bulldog is a must in order to maintain a healthy diet. Another important guideline to follow is to avoid overfeeding.

Bulldogs usually have trouble breathing properly, and being overweight can further affect this issue. Follow the food instructions on the amount that you should feed your dog. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian on how much to feed.

Appropriate Exercise

Bulldogs are inactive by nature. Their short face and airway passage makes it difficult for them to breathe properly. This is also a reason that Bulldogs will avoid rigorous exercises. Being stubborn is also a possible obstacle to getting your Bulldog to exercise. It is impossible to force a Bulldog to exercise and perform other tasks.

Finding motivations such as treats or choosing fun games can be a more favorable form to get your Bulldog exercising. You may also want to consider water games for the hot summer days. Although Bulldogs cannot usually swim, they do enjoy cooling off with the sprinklers while playing a game of catch. Exercise is an important aspect of keeping your dog healthy.

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Grooming Your Bulldog

Proper care for Bulldogs includes keeping them tidy. There are three points to remember when grooming your dog. Keep the nails short, maintain the skin dry, and clean the ears to prevent ear infection.

An inactive Bulldog is more likely to have overgrown nails. Perform routine nail clipping to prevent nail injury. Giving your Bulldog regular baths is also necessary. Use mild, oatmeal based shampoo for sensitive skin.

Always remember to keep your dogs’ skin extra clean and dry. Pay particular attention to your Bulldogs’ skin folds, as this is a common place for bacteria to grow. Lastly, clean your dogs’ ears regularly, and perform a thorough inspection. Look for any abnormal signs such as; foul odor, increased amounts of wax, painfulness, and redness.

How to Minimize Health Issues

To prevent infections and injuries, perform daily inspections. Be sure to check the skin, ears, in between the toes, and take notice of any limping or pain when walking. It is also important to keep your Bulldog at a healthy weight to help reduce the chance of him developing hip dysplasia and patellar luxation.

Excess weight not only causes painful joints, it also makes it more difficult for a Bulldog to breathe. Bulldogs are also prone to allergies, and wiping them down with a damp cotton cloth can help reduce the allergens being carried on the coat.

Most importantly, you should have your Bulldog examined at least once a year. This way, your veterinarian can evaluate your dogs’ health. Catching health issues early on is always a good thing. Taking preventative measures will help you maintain a healthy and happy Bulldog.

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