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How to Spot a Good Bulldog Breeder

Knowing how to distinguish a good bulldog breeder from a not so good one is important especially if you are looking to purchase a healthy bulldog.

Bulldogs are prone to some health problems and also may be unpredictable if you do not get them from a good breeder. Bulldogs are very pricey, thus if you want to get value for what you pay, why not find a reputable breeder?

Good breeders will be affiliated with the local kennel club or the national kennel club and thus will be fairly easy to find. You can either ask the kennel club to give you a record of bulldog breeders or search their records yourself.

Good breeders will have a lot of referees that can vouch for them. Start with any bulldog owners you know. You can also talk to veterinarians in your area. Ask about their experience with their dog, any health problems and behaviour problems they may have experienced. Bulldog owners will usually know good breeders in your area or elsewhere.

Bulldog breeders breed not just for the money but because they love what they do. A good breeder is knowledgeable and willing to offer information about bulldogs. When you ask a question, the breeder will answer in detail and give you additional information.

You can tell this by engaging the breeder in small talk, for some, even the slightest interest you show in their bulldogs is enough to get them started.

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Arm yourself with lots of information about breed standard, temperament and general characteristics. This will help you to know if someone lies to you. Be observant when looking at the dogs and the way the breeder relates to them, it might tell you a lot about the person you are dealing with.

Bulldogs like many other dogs are prone to some genetic defects; a good dog breeder will screen prospective parents for genes that transmit these diseases. Ask about any screening tests the breeder does and what they screen for, if the breeder is any good he/she will know and give you a few.

This screening is necessary in order to reduce the risk of defects which may at times be fatal and cost dog owners a lot. Such breeders will let you know of any health concerns you should be aware and may even give guarantees regarding the health of your bulldog.

Good bulldog breeders are a step above the rest in that aside from healthy litters with desirable qualities, they also want to improve the quality of the bulldog in order to achieve the ideal standard. To do this requires a lot of years of experience, this means that a good breeder will have been around for some time.

If you can pay the breeders a visit, take a look around the premises. What condition are the dogs in? Are they well fed and in good body condition?

Good breeders will also have very up to date records about the bulldogs they have bred. This will include details such as dams of the puppies and their sire. They also have details of the dog’s ancestors and registration certificates for their dogs.

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