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Overview Of Different Dog Breeds

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Generally there are different kinds of dogs breeds that are broadly classified depending with their physical appearance.

Dog breeds are categorized depending on their size and they are broadly classified into two; the large dog breed and small dog breeds.

The large dog breeds as those breed of dogs that are characterized by large body structure while the small dog breeds that are often called the miniature dog breeds are small bodied dogs.

It becomes important to know the various dog breeds when you are contemplating owning a pet or a guard dog. You may consider some of the most popular breed in either of the roles stated above.

Different breeds of dogs have different temperament and personality and many of the dog breeders will tell you this when you are making the ultimate choice of a dog breed for a pet. In modern times, many of the various breeds have been subjected to cross breeding to make them better for each of the desirable characteristics that each pet owner is looking for.

When you are searching for purebred dogs, every breed will show some uniqueness. Border collies, for example, are instantaneously identifiable by their characteristic black and white marks and unlimited vigor. They are extremely clever and need a job to keep them busy rarely will these dogs be idle.

When you are researching about the dog breeds that you are interested in, appreciate that the distinctiveness credited to that breed is usually what these dogs are bred for. It is sill possible to see intra breed differences between various dogs in the same breed.

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Toy Dog Breeds

These are small dogs that are generally described as miniature breeds. A good example is the Chihuahua breeds which is a very popular toy breed amongst modern homes. They are adorable and kept in many families since they make great companion dogs and household pets. Other toy breeds include the terriers and poodles amongst other breeds.

Medium Dog Breeds

Medium sized dogs comprise of breeds like the American Eskimo, Spaniels and Terriers and Whippets. The most popular dog in this class is the Cocker spaniel. They are generally very friendly with all people they come across. Of course, such distinct traits could work as a double edge sword as this makes it very difficult for new owners to stamp their authority during the training of the dog.

Large Dog Breeds

These are dog breeds are usually not kept as pets in the common household as they are very large compared to the physical status of this other dog breeds. Large dogs are often kept as guard dogs due to their muscular and stamina-full bodies which are useful in scaring off any intruder.

Though the large breed of dogs are mainly thought to make good breeds for guarding and working purposes, they might also make exceptional pet companions and they are slowly becoming more adaptable to be household pets. The only consideration that you should make for such pets is that they require a lot of time for walking and exercising because they are active breeds that cannot spend most of their time indoors.

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clicker training

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Dog Training for Specific Dog Breeds: 

  1. German Shepherd Training Tips | Training German Shepherds | How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy
    Looking for german shepherd training tips? Training german shelpherds can be very easy with our step by step guide. Learn how to train a german shepherd dog today...
  2. Golden Retriever Training Tips | Training Golden Retriever Puppies | How to Train a Golden Retriever
    Temperament of the Golden Retriever is often the greatest reason for choosing a puppy. This certainly makes how to train your Golden Retriever easier than with many other breeds.
  3. Beagle Training Tips | Beagle Dog Training | Training Beagles | Beagle Puppy Training
    Beagles are an amazing breed and if you have kids they will probably be the single best dog you can possible have gotten for them but of course there is always a catch.
  4. Labrador Retriever Training | Labrador Puppy Training | How to Train a Labrador Retriever | Training Labrador Retrievers
    Labradors are from the retriever family and make great hunting dogs, family dogs, and assistant dogs. They are very popular because of their sweet disposition, as well as being very intelligent.
  5. Bulldog Training | Bulldog Puppy Training | How to Train a Bulldog | Training Bulldogs
    Bulldogs are one of the truly old and elite purebred strains of dogs in modern society. A symbol of England since the 1500s, Bulldogs are stoic, courageous and bullheaded (pardon the pun).
  6. Dachshund Training | Dachshund Puppy Training | How to Train a Dachshund | Training Dachshunds
    The Dachshund was bred for hunting, and therefore has a strong and independent personality. This trait can sometimes interfere in Dachshund training, if your dog is stubborn. Staying firm and consistent will be important to being successful.
  7. Chihuahua Training | Chihuahua Puppy Training | How to Train a Chihuahua | Training Chihuahuas
    Every dog calls for a unique training method. Chihuahuas are sensitive and require patience when training them. No dog should undergo brutal treatment when being trained.
  8. Mastiff Training | Mastiff Puppy Training | How to Train a Mastiff | Training Mastiffs
    You want a big dog? Then the Mastiff is right for you. But without good training your Mastiff is going to be a giant, runaway brick of muscle and dog slobber.
  9. Dalmatian Training | Dalmatian Puppy Training | How to Train a Dalmatian | Training Dalmatians
    The difference between these people is that some of them take time to learn about the character of their Dalmatians and choose a suitable program for training them while the rest think that the Dalmatian is like any other dog.
  10. Pomeranian Training | Pomeranian Puppy Training | How to Train a Pomeranian | Training Pomeranians
    With your dogs’ intelligence and your effort, it will be easy to train your Pomeranian. Following these steps can also help you with Pomeranian training. Before beginning training with your Pomeranian, make sure he gets use to wearing a leash and a collar.
  11. French Bulldog Training | French Bulldog Puppy Training | How to Train a French Bulldog | Training French Bulldogs
    Frenchies are not very fast learners and training them will require you to have a lot of patience. These dogs need to be taught about boundaries when they are still new in the family and will be useful to prevent some bad behaviour that may arise later.

Dog Training for Specific Dog Breeds

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