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General Dog Products

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Whether you are a dog owner a dog retailer or a new dog owner, it is important that you keep a clean record of the most important general dog products that you may require.

For the pet shop owner, you may need to have a list of general dog products that are purchased by your customers on a daily basis and this could be very important for your business.

For the ordinary pet owners, identifying a list of all the general dog products that you require is a great stride toward saving big on pet expenditure.

General dog products can be classified as follows

1) Dog food and feeding accessories or products.

Dog food comes in a wide range of different formulation from different manufacturers. They can range from the simple dog-rice-bone meal to a combined diet with all the necessary nutrients in the diet. The feeding accessories also includes things such as feeding bowls, water bowls, feeding mats and puppy nursing or feeding equipments.

2) Dog Grooming Products

Dog grooming is a collective term that is often used to refer to a number of activities that are carried together for the purpose of promoting your dog’s hygiene. Grooming products include stuffs that are used for bathing the dog like shampoo, brushes and soaps. The other aspect of dog grooming also involve nail trimming with products such as specialized nail clippers and potassium permanganate (very important for controlling bleeding of the clipped toes).


3) Dog Training Products

If you own a dog and want it to be well behaved, dog training is inevitable. There are some products that are important for positive reinforcement training. Essential accessories that will help in training include the clicker, leash, dog collars and treats.

4) Dog Carriage and Transport Products

At times, you might be required to carry the dog from place to place when you travel. Of course you may comfortably carry your dog in your car without any necessary harness for short distances. However, when you are travelling with your dog over long distances and you are using various means of transport, you may require a dog harnessing product that will ensure your dog is restrained during the entire transport period. The products include special harness collars, seat belts and cages specifically designed for the purpose of carrying your dog around.

5) Dog Health care General Products

Your pet’s health is of utmost concern and you can easily take care of your dog’s wellbeing when they are suffering from mild conditions that do not necessarily require the attention of a vet. Products that are handy in your dog’s first aid kit include de-wormers; parasites control medications, wound dressing and antiseptic.

If your dog is very active outdoors, the other products that you should consider getting could be flea and tick control products such as specialized shampoos and sprays.

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General Dog Products | Quality Dog Products :

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General Dog Products | Quality Dog Products

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