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Types of Pet Beds

There is nothing wrong with your dog sleeping on the couch or taking up a spot on your bed. However, dogs appreciate having a bed of their own.

At times, an illness may require you to get a special bed for your pet. Other times, you might just want to pamper your pet.

Well, here are the various types of pet beds available

1. Designer(Trendy) beds

If you really want to spoil your pet, then go for such kind of beds. These beds are made to provide comfort for your pet and at the same time have a style component to them. They come in many different shapes and colours.

Due to their cost of production and the fact that they are stylish, they are expensive to purchase.

2. Heated beds

These have a heating element incorporated in them. This element will provide heat for your pet. Such beds are ideal in cold seasons, for young pets as well as for senior companions.

In dogs suffering from diseases of the joints such as arthritis, the warmth from these beds is also very therapeutic and may help ease their pain.

3. Dog pads

These are simple, economical to buy and serve many purposes. They can serve as bed for the dog to lie on when outside, travel beds, play areas and you can use them in crates and kennels.

When buying a pad, go for one that is water resistant and one that will not be eaten by ants the minute it is laid on the ground. A good pad should also be light in weight.


4. Water beds

These are beds that have been filled up with water. They are a luxury item for your pet but ensure that his claws are well trimmed before getting one. This will keep your house or car dry if once you’re pet decides to try out his nails on the bed.

5. Doughnut beds

These beds have raised edges while the centre is sunken. If your pet just loves to cuddle, they will surely enjoy this type of bed.

They make your pet just want to curl up and have very beautiful dreams when they sleep.

6. Orthopaedic beds

These are meant for dogs recovering from illness or those suffering illnesses that require special care such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. These beds may also have a heating element to provide your dog with warmth.

They are ideal for senior pets that may have difficulty using their old beds or those too advanced in age. They give the pet comfort and are also therapeutic.

7. Travel beds

If you are travelling with your dog, this bed will ensure that your dog gets good rest regardless of where you are. A good travel bed is comfortable, portable and also easy to clean. It should also be water resistant. Other qualities you might consider in travel beds is a heating element and the ability to fold up for easy packing.

With so many types of bed to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. A good type of bed has to be most of all comfortable for your pet. If you cannot choose just one for your dog’s basic needs, feel free to pick more than one type of bed.

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