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The Importance of Wireless Dog Fence

It is not always practical to have a fenced in yard for your dog, or there are times that fences do not work with the active pet that wants to travel outside of their domain.

This is when the importance of wireless dog fences becomes a desirable way of containing your dog. These are easy to use and safe for your pet.

The wireless dog fence is sometimes considered as a negative reinforcement to teaching a dog to stay within their boundaries, but with the right training the rewards can be beneficial to both the owner and the dog.

How a Wireless Dog Fence Works

The basic concept behind the wireless fence is that there is a radio signal that is sent by a transmitter that creates a boundary. The dog wearing a receiver, which is in the form of a collar, will get a slight shock if the receiver does not stay in contact with the radio signal within the perimeter that has been established. This is the same principal as the electric wired fence but without the fence.

When your pet gets close to the boundary line the collar will make a noise indicating that he is close to the edge. If the dog does not heed the warning sound and continues to walk towards the end of the radio signal the collar will release a mild electrical pulse reminding the dog that he is leaving the area. The electrical impulse is not harmful but will get his attention and keep him in the yard.

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Setting The Boundaries For Your Pet

Determining where you will locate your fence should be considered before installing the fence. There are some drawbacks to a wireless fence, such as it cannot go through objects such as buildings, trees, and shrub. A wide open space for the fence is very effective. The transmitter is adjustable to the size that you want and provides the perimeter of the area that you want to have containment.

This can be a very large area or a small area for one or more dogs. The collar that the pet wears can also be adjusted to the strength of the impulse that is needed for your dog to respond. Once this has been determined then it is a matter of training your dog about its boundary and the effects of crossing that boundary.

Training Your Dog About the Wireless Fence

Training your pet is the importance of wireless dog fences. Without this training the dog may find that the fence is something to fear. Teaching your dog about the boundaries of the wireless fence is the same as any boundary training in that you flag the area within the perimeter with the fence off, and give rewards when the pet stays within the boundary.

It is best to start with the fence off, than as you progress and the dog responds you may turn on the tone so that he will hear the warning. The final stage is the wireless fence turn on without and boundary markers.


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