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What Dog Shampoo Is Right For My Dog?

Dog shampoos have evolved into a big industry over the years. As people have become more aware of how to care for their pets properly, all kinds of grooming supplies have been developed.

Shampoo for the pooches is just one of them. Dogs, unless they are diggers with long fur, don't get very dirty even when they lie on the ground. The natural oil in their fur is like a repellant to dirt and dust.

Daily brushing will help to clear away small twigs and leaves and will also make their fur shine.

Bath Schedule

Bathing dogs has become overly emphasized as the grooming supply manufacturers grew in numbers. However, too many baths will dry the dogs' skin and result in itching. Once the dog emits an odor or if you stroke his back and your hand comes away feeling oily then, of course, Fido is ripe for a bath.

Bathe your dog mostly indoors unless it is really warm outside. When you bathe Fido outside, however, be prepared that unless he is extremely well behaved, when he is finished with his bath he will take off like a rocket and probably roll on the ground, annihilating all your good efforts.

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What Kinds Of Shampoo Are On The Market?

There are several kinds of shampoos that are offered for sale. There are shampoos for different skin types and different skin conditions. Some shampoos are very gentle and scented; others are harsher because they take care of any flea population at the same time. There is medicated shampoo and dry shampoo that can be used for a quick clean up between baths.

Dry skin on dogs must be treated a little differently than oily skin. The shampoo bottle will tell you on what skin type to use the shampoo. When you ask yourself the question about what dog shampoo is right for my dog, the answer is probably the shampoo with the least ingredients, because that's the one that's the most natural.

Whatever shampoo you use on your dog, it cannot be said too often that the dogs must be rinsed well. Any residue that is left behind can irritate their skin, which causes scratching and may even cause infection.

Is Dry Shampoo Really Effective?

It is not as effective as a regular water bath. But in lieu of that, it is a very good alternative to an oily-coated dog. Dry shampoo is not expensive. You can make it yourself in a few minutes. Unscented talcum powder sprinkled on your dog's fur, rubbed into the coat and then left to sit for fifteen or twenty minutes to give it a chance to absorb all the oil on the coat and skin should do the trick.

Then rigorously brush out all the powder and Fido will smell and feel clean again. Corn starch can also be used. You could even make a mixture of corn starch and unscented baby powder. You may wonder again what dog shampoo is right for my dog, dry shampoo or water based. It is really up to you, your finances and your time in the sense of whether you need a quick fix for Fido or whether you have to time to spend on a water bath.


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