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Best Dog Food

Getting the best dog food is always a concern for many pet owners. Selecting dog food from the pet store that suits your dog can be a challenging affair unless you are well equipped with knowledge of nutritional requirements of your dog.

Like humans, a dog can suffer severe nutritional deficiencies if they are fed on a poor diet. Good dog food comprises of all the important nutrients for proper development and maintenance of the dog health.

When you are selecting food for your dog, do not be misled by TV commercials. These marketing strategies are meant to captivate your attention and they sometimes emphasize on stuff that’s not really important for your dog.

The following are points you should consider when making a choice of dog food for your pet:

Premium Commercial Dog Food

Commercial dog food is specifically manufactured with all the nutrients in one formulation that comprises of all vital nutrients required. These foods contain proteins and carbohydrates as well as important mineral salts that are necessary for a dog’s nutrition. Before you purchase any commercial feed, you should take into consideration the following facts

• Always read the formulation and ingredients of the commercial dog food

• Identify the date of manufacture and therefore establish the shelf life of the dog food to determine if the dog food is fresh


• Take a sample of the food and smell to pick out any bad odor that may make the food non palatable.

Alternatively, you can choose to cook your own dog food at home. This will ensure that your dog gets fresh food instead of eating canned or dry products.

Making dog food at home

Feeding your dog on a home diet can be a good way of keeping them healthy if you understand the nutritional needs of your dog well.  Balanced dog food  formulations contain the following nutrients , Selenium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Manganese, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Choline, biotin, Pantothenic Acid,  Calcium and  Niacin. On top of that, the food should also contain some essential vitamins.

When you are making dog food at home consider the following factors:

• Make a meal that has all the essential nutrients for the body.

• Ensure the water content in the food is enough

• Do not add seasoning to dog food like you do in human food

• Ensure that the food does not contain grains since they way cause serious indigestion problems for the dog.

• You should also ensure that the dog takes in enough amount of water after eating food to prevent or minimize the chances of indigestion or constipation.

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