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Exercise Pens For Your Dog

Exercise is an important part of your dog’s life and it is one of the key responsibilities to owning a happy pet. Dog’s love to play and especially to walk to release penned up energy, if this energy is not released your favorite pet becomes your worst nuisance.

The best exercise is a long vigorous walk but sometimes this is not possible given your situation so getting exercise pens for your dog is the next best thing.

There are many styles and depending on your dogs breed and size you will want one that is compatible for your pet.

Why Use an Exercise Pen: Contain Your Pet Safely

Exercise pens are a great way to contain your dog either outside or inside and allow him to move around without restriction. The pens are designed so that they can be broke down and stored or carried with you when you travel. Traveling with your pet is much easier when you do not have to concern yourself with tying him up.

The exercise pen can be set up in minutes and your pet will be free to roam around and investigate his own space while in the comfort of knowing that you are close. If you keep your dog in the pen during quiet times he will be excited and ready to go when you take him out to play or go for a walk.

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Several Kinds of Exercise Pens For Different Dogs

Look for exercise pens for your dog that will fit his size. For a small dog you will want a smaller area of space than for a larger dog that needs lots of room to roam around. There are metal pens that fold up easily and can be taken when you travel or there are plastic pens that have a tighter screen to protect them from the heat or sunlight. There are the kinds of exercise pens that are like play pens that are padded and protect more fragile dogs that can get hurt easily.

Using the Exercise Pen for Training

Training is an essential part of your dog’s behavior and using an exercise pen is a great benefit to the training process. You can start training them while in the pen with such commands as sit and lay down, once they are comfortable then you can take them out of the pen and practice the same commands.

Sometimes the pen is a way to quiet your dog when others are around. If taught that when in the pen your dog will remain quiet you will be able to have others in the home or yard without your pet being under foot.

The exercise pen allows the dog to still be part of the family and get some exercise at the same time.  Most dogs love to move around and watch what is going on. Traveling will become a pleasure when you bring your pet and his pen because he will have his own space to relax. Be sure to have regular exercising outside the pen.


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