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Choosing Dog Collars

Choosing collars for large and small dogs is not always a simple thing. You must stop and think about how you will use the collar on your dog. After all, the collar can be a reflection of the owner’s style.

If you want to be flashy and show off your pet to their best advantage, you will want to make sure to have a properly fitting collar that looks great regardless of the size of your pet.

When selecting a collar for large and small dogs, one must consider what kind of material it needs to be made of and what it will be used for.

With a sport dog or many of the hunting breeds nylon collars are best as they are durable and they are available in many colors that can be seen in the woods, as in hunter’s orange. You can also get adjustable collars for growing dogs as they can be adjusted when they grow larger. A leather collar would also be perfect for any dog as it is very classy and more dignified when worn on dogs of any size.

Collars are incredibly versatile and you might consider getting multiple collars for different situations. For example, a Halloween collar to go along with a dog costume for a party is nice or something that is for a holiday is perfect seasonal wear. For everyday use you’ll want something that will stand up to the wear and tear of a dog.


Choosing collars for large and small dogs, be sure to keep in mind the size of the collar, what your dog is capable of and what you’re going to use the collar for. You want a collar that is versatile and is able to withstand anything, so pick a collar that is well fitted, not too snug (you should be able to only fit two fingers between the neck and collar) or too loose which would make the dog able to slip the collar off his neck.

Also, keep the size of the dog in mind if you pick too thick of a collar, it may be too heavy for the dog and he won’t be comfortable wearing it. If you have a large dog and choose a thin collar it may break under strain.

As a side note, you want your dog to look his best, for larger dogs something simple is often best because they are rather majestic looking and don’t really need any other ornamentation than themselves. But for the toy dogs, some ornamentation is nice just because they are more of show dogs than anything else.

Many owners love to show support for their favorite sport’s team by choosing a collar with this fashion design. Again just keep in mind that any collar for any dog has to be well fitted in order for the dog to be comfortable and safe from losing it.

So while choosing collars for large or small dogs may look simple, it is not, it is a process that should take time and should take into consideration the dog’s personality, size and your own sense of style.

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