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Best Dog Collars | Cute Dog Collar

Dogs-as lovely and cuddly as they are, sometimes stray due to curiosity or just because they went scavenging.

For this reason it is important to keep a collar on your friend at all times with proper identification. You’ll also want a collar for dog training as well as to ensure your dog’s safety. Ideally, a dog collar is meant to identify a dog should it get lost.

Your dog’s license should appear on it as well as their rabies tag in case they wind up at the pound. Over time, dog collars have had different purposes depending on individual needs. You can get a collar for training your dog, for them to wear as identification or just as decoration.  .

Collars For All Occasions

If you have a dog that likes to go into the neighbor’s yard, you can get a collar that will emit aversive noise whenever it crosses your underground fence. Some people who hunt with their pets trace the dog’s movements with GPS as it is built into some collars. While these aren’t necessarily cute dog collars, they have an important purpose. There are also collars for dogs that have a problem of barking too often.

best dog collars

As far as fashion goes, collars come in different colors, shapes, patterns and sizes. Mostly the style and selection of these colors will have a lot to say about you as the dog owner. A fashionable lady may have a collar that is beautiful and complements the dog as well as her own fashion taste. While a man may go for a functional collar over fashionable but that’s not to say this rule applies to all men.

Make Collars Useful:

When shopping for a cute dog collar you should remember not to dwell on fashion so much that you forget some basic things. First off, the material used to make the collar should be considered when selecting a collar. There are leather collar choices and nylon material both offering different looks while still being some of the most durable and useful collars available.

Specialty Details And Sizing:

If your dog has health issues especially regarding their throat or neck you’ll want to speak with your vet on what is the best collar or harness to use.  There are some specialty items they may recommend such as a ‘haltie’ or a harness.

When sizing you’ll want to try to slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck, there should be no more space than the size of the two fingers otherwise it will slip off and less space means the collar is too tight. If you have a puppy, you may want to select an adjustable collar as a puppy can grow so quickly it’s nice to have a collar grow with it.

Once you take into account the function of your dog’s collar you be able to find a cute dog collar for your pet for any occasion; for a wedding, the beach or just a normal day out with your best friend.

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