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German Shepherd Training Tips

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Just like their humans, not all pet dogs are created alike. While they may have similar traits, dogs are never homogenous. As a result, each breed of dog requires a different set of treatment from the other breeds. 

When it comes to food, living conditions and even the attention that each breed requires, it is usually on case to case basis. Also, the same principle applies in terms of teaching your pet dog certain tricks.

There is never one, single effective methodology in training dogs. It always varies, depending on the type of dog that you are training and the surrounding circumstances. More so, if your pet is a German Shepherd. Due to this variability, it becomes imperative to be familiar with certain established German shepherd Training Tips.

As you probably know, a German shepherd is one of the more popular breeds in the world today. As a matter of fact, it is often featured in majority of Hollywood police movies because a German shepherd is known as an excellent ally in fighting crimes.

This breed is also considered as one you can depend on to step up and protect its master. With the right instruction such as German shepherd training tips under a relaxed training environment, it is just a matter of time before your pet becomes a productive member of your household, and even in the community under certain circumstances.

While there have been many principles about German shepherd training tips, some of the more effective and prominent are listed below to provide guidance to those who are new to taking care of pet dogs:

1. Be familiar with your German shepherd pet dog. Teaching your pet dog new tricks requires a certain level of familiarity and rapport between the dog and its master. The best way to achieve this is by becoming familiar with your pet. Know what it likes, the things that it does not like, the temperament of your pet and other similar information.

2. Use monosyllabic words to train your dog. German shepherds are known for their intelligent. Hence, with just simple monosyllabic commands, a German shepherd will be able to execute them perfectly. For this purpose, you should use the words “stand,” “up,” “stay,” and other similar commands when you are training your pet dog. Be careful not to issue multiple commands as it may lead to confusion. When it comes to training dogs, remember that consistency is the key.

3. Show some love and appreciation. Whenever your pet dog is able to execute your instructions properly, make sure to show your approval by giving your pet a pat or some treats as reward.

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Training your German Shepherd should be very much part of everyday life and is should be fun so stick with it because it really will be worth it in the end.

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German Shepherd Training Tips | Training German Shepherds:

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    The German shepherd breed is an outstanding companion. Nevertheless, like several other large dog breeds, there are some health problems that seriously jeopardize the ability of the German Shepherd to live their entire lifespan.
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    German shepherd dog is a large breed of dog that weighs approximately 77 to 85 pounds. The male German shepherd dog will measure 24 to 26 inches at the level of the withers, while the female will measure 22 to 24 inches at the withers level.
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German Shepherd Training Tips | How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

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