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The Facts Every Owner of This Dog Breed Should Know

Before you even think of buying a German shepherd for a pet or a guard dog, it is good that you know some of the little known facts about this dog breed.

Sometimes, dog breeders do not share this information with you as they are more likely to discourage you from buying this dog. It is a good habit to always do a research on the kind of things to expect from a pet before you bring them to their home.

There are facts about this dog breed that most people or even current owners of this breed of dog may not be aware of.

Some of the most disturbing facts or truths about this breed is it s predisposition to development of the following health conditions in german shepherds.

• Canine Hip Dysplasia - a condition that will develop when the dog is more than eight years old.

• Gastric Torsion - a sudden twist of the stomach along its axis can lead to sudden death of the dog from this severe condition.

• Skin allergies

• Congenital cataract or eye problems that may cause blindness and is seen when the dog is old

german shepherd

These are some of the health fact that every GSD owner should have at the back of their mind so that they can make the observation for any possible signs of these conditions in their pets and notify their vets for help before the condition worsens.

On the positive side, the breed is the one of the most intelligent dogs that can be trained easily compared to other breeds for working purposes. This has seen the breed used for policing, military and rescue operations due to their high intuition and intelligence.

If you are keeping the German shepherd dog as a pet, it requires regular training and activities. You should not keep this dog indoors for long since they have alot of energy to be expended and they will be very much stressed. Generally, this is a dog that should be constantly walked and exercised to make him a happy dog. Most owners may think that the dog is like other breeds and will be comfortable staying indoors for long which is not true at all.

One of the most overlooked facts about the German shepherd is their role in the training. They are generally dominant dogs that will not allow you to be the pack leader easily. You should therefore make sure that you stress the fact that you are the pack leader to make them realize you are in control of situation. With proper training, they gradually accommodate and accept your role as the pack leader.

These are some of the little known facts about the German shepherds that will make your life with your pet awesome with the required attention and care of health concerns. In conclusion, German shepherd dogs make great pets that are all rounded and wonderful to be with if you spend more time with them.

dove cresswell dog training

dove cresswell dog training