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Things to Know About a German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd dogs are wonderful dogs that are very intelligent and always easy to train. Before you even think of adopting one of these adorable pets you should know some facts about them.

The German shepherd had been great working dogs in the past and in modern days, they are adopted as pets by large dog breed enthusiasts.

The German Shepherd Dog is alternatively known as the Alsatian. Their coat colors is usually in black with tan, sable or all black, but also can also be blue, liver and white in color; these latter colors are seen to be a mistake in reference to major breeding standards of clubs around the world.

A general description of the German shepherd dog includes a black nose though it may also vary in color to liver and blue. The general physique of the dog can be described as brawny, muscular, somewhat stretched out body that is well streamlined. Lastly, the head of this bred is best described as convex with erect ears and clearly defined canines that are easily visible from the wide mouth.

This breed of dog weighs between 77 and 85 pounds and has a height of about 26 inches at the level of the withers for the male while the female is usually 2 inches shorter than the male. The dog breed has three kinds of coat that can be described as; long-haired wavy, straight-haired coarse and long straight-haired coarse.

Of course, the coat type may vary depending on the type of the parents that were involved in the breeding of the puppies. The temperament of the dog can be described as friendly and protective of their owner.

The German shepherd dogs are adaptable pets that can easily fit the living in any situation. They can live in an apartment house as long as it is given an abundance of exercise. This is because the dog has a high energy level and this must be reduced on daily basis to maintain the dog's health.

As with all other pets, the best way to understand your dog and nurture a healthy relationship that will make him a lifetime companion is to spend some time everyday bonding with the dog. GSD are exceptionally great when they are adopted as puppies and they are able to provide great companionship to their owners when they are trained from a tender age.

Most methods of online dog training will work with this breed; however, there is one that stands out from the rest. That is, oral praise. Why? Because you want your dog to listen to your commands even when you don't have any toys, clickers, and/or food. For a specialized course on training your german shepherd, click the link below to find out more...

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