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Beagle Training Tips | Beagle Dog Training

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If you have recently adopted a beagle and have started the training process you may already know that beagle dog training is not the easiest thing to do.

Beagles are an amazing breed and if you have kids they will probably be the single best dog you can possible have gotten for them but of course there is always a catch.

Beagles have a mind of their own, and though loving, adorable and loyal they can also be a huge headache when trying to train them to follow your commands. So how do you manage to teach them things that can keep them safe if they won’t listen?

They Are Listening

Beagles hear you when you ask them to do something but unfortunately they also hear and more importantly smell everything else. If you are training them outside you can just see them going after things you could have never found especially if it is food.

A beagle dog is almost like a vacuum cleaner that has been set on high when it comes to picking up food on the street. Some of those things can be damaging to your pet so you better move the training inside where there will be less distractions. A gym, basement or dog class is the perfect opportunity.

Getting Their Attention

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You are ready to begin your beagle dog training inside, but he is still finding other things that get his attention. That moment is when you realize that if you are going to be able to train this pooch you have to do so by giving him a reward it wants.

Sure they will settle for a pat on the back and a few “good dog” praises from you but if you want to keep your beagles attention you must bribe it with what it wants the most: food. If your dog sees the food in your hand and knows it can be his if it only does something, he will gladly sit, roll over, stay or stand up.

Bribery Sounds Wrong

Don’t get too hung up in the word bribery, your beagle sees this part of the training as a game. You may in fact see a dust cloud behind it when it plays the sitting game. Eventually you will not need the food in order to follow the command, but it takes a lot of repetition and patience. Do not think that training your beagle is impossible, in fact as difficult as it is, the training is necessary especially with beagles, as they are known to take off after the first scent of a critter they get.

Enjoy It

Sure this breed is a challenge to train, but it is also a little sweetheart. Most beagles do not have an ounce of aggression in their bodies and are just a happy go lucky dog. Beagles enjoy life and that is partly why they are a bit challenging to train. There is always something new to discover and they see it as exciting and fun. That’s why they are perfect for kids. They are both together in the journey of discovery.

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Beagle Training Tips | Beagle Dog Training | Training Beagles:

  1. How To Prevent Beagle Wandering
    “Where did your little buddy go? He was here just a second ago, and now he is gone.” If you have felt that way in relation to a dog before, chances are you’ve owned a beagle.
  2. Training Your Beagle Not to Howl
    Beagles have been bred for hundreds of years as hunting dogs and their barks, bays, and howls are an important part of that practice. Trying to train a Beagle to remain completely quiet all the time is akin to molding them to become a cat. Not gonna happen.
  3. Solving Beagle Ear Problems
    Ear issues are unfortunately one of the most common health problems experienced by this common cuddly companion.
  4. Grooming Your Beagle
    While it’s true that grooming your Beagle is a very simple task to complete it is important to do so properly so your pet stays happy and clean.
  5. Choosing the Right Crate for Your Beagle
    Whether you are buying a crate to train your Beagle, or him staying crated while you are gone, you will need the correct crate for your pet. Beagles are highly social dogs and love attention.
  6. What You Need To Know About Beagle Rescue Centers
    It’s important to know that beagle rescue centers came about through need. Too many people get a pet and then, after a while, just get tired of the care it needs.

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Beagle Training Tips | Beagle Dog Training | Training Beagles | Beagle Puppy Training

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