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Solving Beagle Ear Problems

Beagles are often regarded as one of the more versatile dog breeds. They can be trained to hunt but also make wonderfully loyal family pets.

This versatility allows the Beagle to be found in virtually all areas of the world. While the Beagle is a reasonably healthy breed, they can be prone to certain health issues.

Ear issues are unfortunately one of the most common health problems experienced by this common cuddly companion.

Often caused by either moisture or allergies, ear problems plague many a Beagle. However solving Beagle ear problems is quite possible by using a few simple techniques and tricks.

When caring for your beagle, the first step to preventing an ear issue is thoroughly cleaning their ears. The longer, floppier ears of the Beagle prevent air from flowing as freely as it should near their ear canals. This provides prime real estate for germs and the like to set up residence and cause problems.

By taking the time once a week to clean the Beagle's ears well and remove any excess moisture or dirt, you can easily prevent this microscopic invasion from taking place. If you feel it is necessary, cleaning your dog's ears more often would not be a misstep in this department. A small reminder, however, is always being gentle with the sensitive area of the ear. Go slowly and delicately as to avoid any sort of aggravation to the tissue.

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On the subject of cleaning, when bathing your Beagle it is exceedingly important to make sure that their ears are dry inside and out. By neglecting this important step, any attempts at solving dog ear problems will be negated. Moisture, as previously stated, provides a warm home for infections to setup base.

Taking a few extra moments to gently and thoroughly dry the Beagle's ears will provide a bit more insurance against the development of ear issues in the future. Again, always be careful to use a careful hand when dealing with this anatomical area of the Beagle.

Another commonly overlooked cause of the Beagle ear problem is allergies. Many dogs, and not just the Beagle, suffer from one form of allergic reaction or another. These allergies could be to any number of things, from the environment to the food they are eating.

A quick trip to the vet may give you some direction in pinpointing any possible allergic components to your Beagle's ear problems. Often something as simple as changing your dog's diet can reduce the incidence of infection and inflammation quickly and noticeably.

If you have cleaned your Beagle's ears religiously and still have recurrent problems, it would probably be best to switch to a more organic brand of dog food, preferably one that has no grains in the ingredients list.

By following these few simple steps, solving Beagle ear problems is not a difficult goal to achieve. A little extra time and a bit of trial and error can eventually almost completely eliminate any ear problems experienced by your furry friend.

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