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How To Prevent Beagle Wandering

“Where did your little buddy go? He was here just a second ago, and now he is gone.” If you have felt that way in relation to a dog before, chances are you’ve owned a beagle.

They disappear and you can only find them when they howl at the tree where a squirrel may be hiding.

Beagles are joyful, curious and adventurous; turn your back for two seconds at the moment they catch a smell of something and they are gone.

That is why many owners keep wondering how to prevent beagle wandering. There are techniques you can use, nut in all honesty, besides the techniques you will also need a lot of luck.

Use A Leash

There are dogs you can go jogging with and they will follow you every step of the way; don’t count on beagles doing that. They may start at your side but if a beagle is not on a leash your running will probably be after it making sure it does not get in trouble.

A leash is a must when you first get a beagle. With training they can be really good at staying close by, but in the end these cute pups are guided by their sense of smell, so keep the leash handy.

Keep Its Attention On You

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Though their main guide in life is their nose a beagle can be kept close by if you keep its attention on you. Make yourself exciting for the beagle. That’s why they can stay close to kids, because the kids will often translate as playtime for the dog.

This makes the beagle happy to stay close by. Fun and excitement answers the question of how to prevent beagle wandering. It will also make your day better as a beagle tends to get the kid inside of you to come out and play.


Those things will work but the most important thing you can do to make sure your beagle does not go wandering without you is to train him. Training your beagle can prove a bit of a challenge, but it is worth doing to keep it out of trouble and close to you.

Of course the most important commands a beagle can learn are to sit, stay, heel and drop it. The reason you must teach all these commands is because they can almost always stop the beagle in its tracks. Remember if your beagle is wandering it may find something to eat. The command to drop it is a must.

Use Them All

All those methods can help your beagle stay close to you. Your beagle is not wandering because it does not want to stay close to you; it does it because that’s what they were bred to do. They can track game and find it, and when it chases a squirrel that is exactly what it is doing. That’s why it looks so happy when it finds a scent, your beagle feels that it is doing its job and is trying to make you happy by doing it.

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