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Mastiff Training | Mastiff Puppy Training

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Training a mastiff begins early in life while the mastiff is still with the mother and litter mates. This socialization is important and mastiff puppies should not be separated from the mother and litter mates till they are 8 weeks old.

The breeder also has a role to play in socialization of the puppy.  A good breeder will spend some time with the puppies, holding them, playing with them, scratching their bellies then returning them to the dam.

Mastiffs are calm dogs that are loyal and eager to please their masters. As with other dogs, training is best started when the mastiff is young as this is when the learning potential is at its peak. Mastiff training will involve some few basics such as housebreaking and obedience training. Depending on what purpose you want the mastiff to serve, they can also be subjected to more advanced forms of training.

In the past, Mastiffs were bred as hunting dogs. Over the years, the mastiff has evolved to become a house dog providing companionship for his owner. Their looks may be intimidating, but the quiet disposition shown by this dog is a sharp contrast to his physical appearance.

Housebreaking should be done when the dog joins your family. For this to be successful, you are required to be consistent and diligent

- Pick a good spot where your mastiff can eliminate

Schedule elimination time for the dog

- Be observant, watch out for tell signs that your mastiff needs to eliminate

- Supervise the dog closely till he is housebroken. If you cannot keep track of the dog, crate him.

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Obedience training is not the forte of mastiffs. In fact, if you are looking for a dog that will impress with his mastery of obedience then you might be in for disappointment because your mastiff may not live up to this expectation.

However, obedience training for the mastiff is important in order to establish certain boundaries as well as to ensure that you are in control of the dog. Basic commands such as sit, heel, stay and come are enough if your mastiff is a house dog. Another very important command your dog should know is “no.” This command will help you keep the dog out of trouble and stop him if he is behaving badly.

In dog obedience training, here are some tips to help you

- Be patient, the dog may take some time to respond positively to what you are teaching.

- Persistence, this means that you keep trying till you get what you want. Do not give up on the dog.

- You are the best trainer for your mastiff. Mastiffs may become anxious in absence of a familiar face. Take training lessons together and encourage your dog.

- Treats and verbal praise are very good motivators during training. These should be timed well so that the dog can associate them with the correct behaviour. Verbal praise is misused by many people thus many times will not have the effect you expect. To prevent this, do not overuse verbal praise, use it when the dog shows correct behaviour or shows some progress in training.

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Mastiff Training | Mastiff Puppy Training | How to Train a Mastiff | Training Mastiffs

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