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Mastiff Health Problems

Mastiffs are large dogs, like any other large breed their large size alone predisposes them to a variety of problems.

The health problems of mastiffs affect different parts of the body. However, the most common problems for mastiffs are

Hip dysplasia

This occurs due to an abnormal formation of the hip joint. Signs of this condition will include pain, difficulty getting up and lameness of affected legs.

This condition is usually managed through use of appropriate pain killers.

This condition may occur when the dog is young or later in life. Diagnosis is by use of x-rays.

Elbow dysplasia

Though hip dysplasia is more common, the elbow joint may also be a malformation of the elbow joint. This condition will also limit the movement of the dog and is also very painful.

Cruciate ligament rupture

This is one of the two ligaments that offer additional support to the knee joint. The ligament may rupture suddenly and this will cause the dog a lot of pain. The dog may limp on the affected limb. This ligament can be repaired surgically after which the dog will be able to use the leg after some time.


This is turning out of the eyelids. Due to their loose folds of skin in the face area mastiffs are prone to this condition which will lead to irritation of the eye.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

This is a disease where the cells of the retina progressively degenerate. This will eventually lead to the dog becoming blind. Though there is no treatment for this disease there are tests that can detect presence of this disease to enable the owner to be able to prepare and deal with the condition.

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This occurs due to accumulation of gas in the stomach. This causes the stomach to swell and may also predispose it to twisting.

This condition is very common in large breed of dogs and mastiffs as mentioned earlier fall in this bracket.

Bloat occurs within 2-3hrs after feeding. Affected dogs ill appear restless, may try to release the gas through unsuccessful attempts to vomit and most times this is accompanied by excessive drooling.

If bloat is not treated fast, the condition leads to shock and eventually death.


This disease generally affects many large breeds. This disease causes weakening of the heart muscles leading to reducing capacity of the heart to pump blood. Eventually it leads to congestive heart failure.

Signs of the disease will include intolerance to dog exercises, weight loss and swollen abdomen.

Early detection of the disease is essential to ensure proper care is taken as the dog grows older.

The conditions mentioned above are just some in a list of many. Whatever the case if you take care of your mastiff well you can greatly reduce his suffering. You can also help by ensuring that the conditions do not become worse by visiting the vet and getting necessary medication as well as other forms of therapy your mastiff may require. This makes life more bearable for your dog.

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