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How to Groom Your Pet Mastiff

Grooming your dog should done regularly to keep him looking clean and to avoid odours as well.

Regular grooming will also help to reduce chances of some infections. A well groomed animal will feel good and he shows it.

Here are some few items that will come in handy when you are grooming your mastiff:

- Dental kit: This will contain a long toothbrush, a finger brush, teeth scaler and dog toothpaste

- Towels

- Brush

- Shampoo

- Small wet towel

- Cotton swabs

- Nail trimmer

A good bath every once in a while is enough for your mastiff. Do not bath the dog too often as this will strip his skin off natural oils. Dogs do not need as many baths as humans. Use a dog shampoo preferably one that contains moisturizer and is anti-dandruff.

You can get this at a pet shop or you can ask your vet to recommend a good one. When washing ensure that your dog is securely tied. Some mastiffs enjoy taking a bath but some may not like the feeling of water and will try to escape. If he tries to bite you can use a muzzle while giving him the bath.  Dry him well after the bath using the towels or you can just let him shake it off!

Coat care

A brush run over the coat of the mastiff will remove loose hair, dust as well as dandruff. Brushing should be done as frequently as possible. Mastiffs have short coat that is very easy to brush.

A coat that is brushed frequently looks shiny and is also free from bad odours.

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Teeth cleaning

This should be done daily or after two days. Teeth act as a harbour for microorganisms that cause many infections in the mouth. Brushing will reduce the number of these germs and also get rid of food particles and prevent tartar from building up in the teeth.

You can apply the toothpaste with your finger then brush gently using the brush. Never use human toothpaste on dogs. Baking soda mixed with water has also been found to be effective in cleaning the teeth.

Start this habit when the dog is young, this will save you a lot of problems in future.

Nail clipping for dogs

Standard nail trimmers for dogs are available at pet shops or in a vet clinic. Nails shouldn’t be left to grow too long. Don’t uses nail cutters or scissors since your dog’s nails are tough and the cutter may cause him a lot of pain.

When trimming do not cut off the whole nail at once, trim piece by piece till you reach desirable length. If you look closely at the nail you will see a line that is dark red or pink. This is known as the “quick” and shows where the nerve is. Do not cut too near the quick or past it.


Clean dog ears using a soft cloth. Remove the wax from the inner of the ear. Do not go too deep as to cause discomfort or pain to the dog. You may wet the cloth with some water. Avoid using q-tips when cleaning inside the ear.


Mastiffs have a lot of skin around the face and some spend a lot of time sleeping. This will cause a lot of discharge especially on the edge of the eye. Clean this using a wet cloth or some paper towel. Do this gently and wipe off the stuff.

This should be done whenever necessary. Some mastiffs will have more discharge than others.

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