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Tips For Housebreaking a Puppy

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In order to effectively accomplish this, it is essential that you start training as early as possible. The puppy will look up to you for guidance; use this chance to train the puppy on good behaviour.

There are various methods to house break your puppy. Depending on your schedule or where you live, you can choose the method that suits you best.

The most common methods of house breaking include paper training and crate training. In paper training, the puppy is trained to potty on paper. This paper is used to line part of the floor in a specific room.

Any time the puppy needs to potty, they go to the paper lined area and eliminate. In the beginning, a fairly large part of the floor is lined with paper, as time goes by the amount of floor area covered with paper is reduced. The target in paper training puppies is to get the dog to use the part lined with paper even when the surrounding area is uncovered.

Soiled paper is normally removed and replaced with more paper. Only the top layers are removed when cleaning, while the rest are left in place so as to keep the scent and attract the puppy to the area.

In crate training, the puppy is usually confined to a crate, this since dogs are reluctant to soil their quarters. Thus, anytime the puppy is confined to a crate they will try to hold it till they are let out to go and eliminate elsewhere.

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This method is also used for puppies that soil areas in the house when let to go free, by keeping the puppy contained, you reduce or completely eliminate the chance of an “accident” in the house. You can also line the bottom of the crate with a training pad or paper just in case the puppy can’t hold it.

Depending on the age of the puppy, some puppies need to eliminate more times than others. If the puppy is fed a lot of times, he/she will need to go out often. When house breaking a puppy, it is important that you establish a schedule for eliminating and stick to it. This means that even when you are not available to take the puppy out during his scheduled time, have someone else do it for you.

You should always take the puppy to the same spot every time, this is important in order to establish a routine. If you started out with paper training and you want to completely house break your dog then start by placing some of the paper on the chosen spot. This will help to ease the transition when you move from outside to in.

In case of an accident, make sure you clean up well to keep the puppy from coming back to the same place.

Always praise the puppy for going to potty in the right place, the praise should be offered immediately when the puppy is done eliminating to enable him make the correct associations.

Rule of thumb: BE CONSISTENT

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