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Crate Training Tips For Dogs And How They’re Used

Training your dog to use a crate has many benefits like they will be safe it you have to run an errand, traveling, and it can help with house training.

Crate training has become very popular in the last few years, and for good reason, it is a positive experience that works for both owner and dog. The advantage it has is that your dog will have a place that is just for them where they can relax and have privacy.

By following these crate training tips for dogs and some patience you will find a healthier and happier dog.

Find the Right Crate and Location For It In The Home

Choosing a dog crate size that is suitable will be essential for success. The size is dependent on the size of your dog. He should be able to stretch out on its side comfortably, as well as, stand up and turn around. Buying a larger crate than what is needed will actually create a different problem such as urinating in one corner.

The next step is to place the crate where your dog will be able to be part of the family, yet have some quiet time. At night it is recommended having the crate in your bedroom so the dog does not feel isolated.

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Start the Training Slowly So Your Pup Enjoys It

Once you have the crate and the location where it is going to sit, leave the door open or remove the door all together. This allows the dog’s curiosity to click in. They will want to investigate what is inside. Allow him to go in and out as he pleases but occasionally throw in a favorite toy or snack. Once your pet settles down in the crate go over and pet him and praise him for doing such a good job.

Closing the Door

After a while your dog will begin to be comfortable with his new den then it’s time to take the next step and close the door while you are in the room. It is important to not open the door or talk him into stopping until the dog has stopped whining. In a moment that he has stopped go and open the door.

To open the door while the dog is crying will teach him that this behavior works in getting out. Take your time during this phase, your pet will get use to the door being closed, then once in a while walk into another room and come back.  Never leave them for long periods or you will need to start over.

Once this has been accepted, the fact that you can leave but you will return, you will want to actually leave the house and return after a short period time. Crating is building trust, and your pet trusts that you will return each time you leave. Having a safe and happy relationship is using these crate training tips for dogs, in no time you will be able to travel with your favorite companion, as well as relax when you are not home.

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