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Introducing Your Dog to Your Other Pets

When you want to give your dog a little brother or a sister, you always have to think of the best way to introduce the two of them.

If two pets are introduced the wrong way you can end up getting a rivalry that you did not expect or some damage to either one of them and your home.

How you will introduce the two pets depends on a few factors; the most important is how your dog reacts to strange animals or people.

It also depends on the kind of pet you are looking to introduce your dog to. When you have that figured out then the introduction becomes the easy part.

Introducing Your Dog To Your Other Pets When They’re Dogs

By far the most common type of animal introduction is the dog/dog introduction. This introduction is also the most important to get done right. Two dogs can become involved in a competitive atmosphere. In order to get the best possible introduction between the 2 dogs you should do the introduction away from home.

A park would be the perfect setting because it is a place where most dogs are happy and happiness among canines is the perfect way to start a relationship. You do not want to introduce them at home because the two dogs can become possessive and competitive.

Possessiveness and competition can be the start of dog on dog aggression. Take both dogs outside and they are more likely to bond with each other.

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What About Introducing Your Dog To Your Other Pets Like A Cat?

So we have grown accustomed to the idea that a cat and a dog cannot possibly live together, but once in a while we will see a video or a picture of a cat and a dog napping together and the reaction is always a big smile. Cats and dogs can be friends, in fact they can develop a deep bond with each other, but in order for that to happen the introduction must be done right.

If you have a puppy and a kitten the bond will be developed immediately as they will see one another as a play partner. Of course you must supervise play time because their play style is a bit different. A kitty is honing in on its hunting skills while the dog is learning everything about its surroundings.

Introducing an adult cat to an adult dog is a bit more challenging, but it is far from impossible. You must make sure that they are in a calm atmosphere before you introduce them. Taking the dog for a long walk is a great way to burn energy and the less energy your pooch has the less likely it will be to get over excited at the sight of the cat.

Your cat may at first be a little scared of the dog, but you must not force a meeting. The meeting will happen when they are both ready. Soon you will see them walking together and sleeping on the same bed and there is nothing more rewarding than that sight.

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