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Paper Training For Puppies

This method is ideal if you want the puppy to eliminate in the house or for those puppies that have to spend a lot of time indoors.

In this method, your goal is to train your puppy to eliminate in a designate area that is usually lined with paper. It may also act as a form of intermediate training when housebreaking a puppy.

When paper training a puppy, first start by lining the floor in a specific place with paper. Ideally this paper should be lined on a bare floor with no carpeting or mats. Use several layers of paper to cover the floor. The puppy should be confined to this area until he/she eliminates.

Praise the puppy for eliminating on the paper. You may also confine the puppy to this area after meals and in the morning when you wake up and at night. Some puppies have a tendency to destroy or try to rip out the paper, in such cases you may provide the puppy with something else that will remove his attention from the paper. You can give the puppy a toy to chew on while on the paper.

Remove any paper that is soiled and replace with a new layer of clean paper. However, to make the puppy return to the same place, you have to leave some of the lower layers of paper in place when removing the soiled paper. These untouched layers will act as markers for the puppy when he is sniffing for a place to eliminate.

You should start out with a generous area covered with paper. When the puppy starts using the paper as a potty area, you can start reducing the paper covered area. Accidents are bound to occur, do not punish the puppy for soiling uncovered parts of the floor. If you are around when such accidents happen take the puppy to the paper and wait till he has had a chance to eliminate. Praise the puppy for this.

If the puppy uses areas not covered with puppy, then it is advised that you slow down on the potty training and line the floor you uncovered with some layers of newspapers. Give the puppy some time to adjust before you try removing the paper again. Once the puppy has gotten used to using the paper, then you can reduce the amount of floor area covered with paper.

Do not remove all the paper at once, instead, do it gradually and watch if the puppy still maintains the correct behaviour. Eventually you want to leave only a small area of covered with paper which the puppy will use as his potty area.

If you cannot keep track of the puppy’s movement, confine him to a small area. This is because too much freedom may tempt the puppy to eliminate in other areas of the house.

If you are using paper training as an intermediate in housebreaking you might want to ditch the papers after some time and let the puppy go outside. To introduce the puppy to a spot outside, you can start by placing some papers on the spot.

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