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House Breaking a Dog

The first lesson in building a solid relationship with your dog is teaching them not to use your house as the bathroom.

Believe it or not this is a development step that requires discipline and consistency, this alone establishes a bond and who is in control. There are ways to house breaking a dog that will give both the owner and dog much to praise about.

If you are house breaking a puppy, they will not be able to control their bowels until about twelve weeks, so plan on accidents and clean-up. House training an older dog is much more difficult since the will have to unlearn a behavior while learning a new behavior.

When to Start Training Housebreaking Your New Pet:

The best time to start the training is as soon as the dog comes home. Since it is a new environment for your pet, immediately teach them the rules of the house. This will be much easier for them to learn than after they have been there for awhile and have developed their own ideas of how things are going to be.

Even though you have a puppy not quite mature enough, they will quickly adapt to a routine if it is consistent. Using a crate or small area of the house will help in containing accidents and save you from surprises.

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Maintaining an Elimination Schedule For Your Friend:

Design an elimination schedule that works for both of you. If you are training a puppy, the amount of times that they will have to go out will be greater at first. If you work have someone that will come and let your pet out every couple hours at the designated times of your schedule. By maintaining a schedule your dog knows what to expect, and follows into the pattern of going outside doing his business and returning.

The schedule should include being taken out first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. The dog should be outside after each meal, puppies will have to go out 15 to 20 minutes after they eat. Take him out every two hours in between meals.

Recognizing Their Signals To Go Out

By observing your dog’s behavior you will begin to notice when it is time for the dog, and they will let you know. Signs that your pet is ready to go out are scratching at the door, turning in circles, smelling around on the floor, and pacing or whining. Once you can recognize his signals than you will be able to extend the time of not take him out.

Recognizing Your Signals

House breaking a dog includes them knowing your signals, such as to go on command. Walking your dog on a leash to the same spot every time you take him out and quietly telling him “hurry up” or “go do it”, then praising him when he does his business, will teach the dog your signal of its time to go. Do not bring him immediately back in; let him have playtime with you for a few minutes.

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