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Paper Training a Dog

One of the most difficult things for dog owners is housebreaking their dogs. A dog that is not house broken is one of the worst nightmares a dog owner can face.

Such a dog has to be constantly watched at all times to avoid any “accidents” in the house not to mention the fact that if any such accidents happen they still have to worry about the next time it happens, because it will happen.

House breaking a dog can be in two ways

Paper training

Paper training is an ideal method for those owners living in apartments or those who don’t have the time to keep rushing their dog outside to eliminate. In paper training, your aim is to teach the dog to eliminate on papers spread on a particular part of the house.


1. Using old newspapers and/or absorbent paper line the floor in the area you have designated as the potty area.

2. Initially you have to restrict the puppy to this area, especially after meals or after the dog/puppy have woken up from sleep. Leave the puppy here for some time until she has had a chance to eliminate.

3. Do not hold back on the praises if the puppy eliminates in this area. Act as if the puppy just pooped gold and shower the puppy with praises and petting her.

4. If the dog/ puppy shows any signs that they are about to eliminate, carry the dog to the potty area and let him eliminate there.

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5. The dogs strong sense of scent is your biggest friend while paper training. The dog will usually prefer to return to an area where he has eliminated before. To make sure of this, remove the papers the dog previously eliminated on leaving some paper with that urine scent.

6. Correction is necessary if the dog eliminates in any other area other than the potty area. However correction does not mean punishment. If you catch the dog in the act somewhere else just tell the dog “no” in firm voice and take it to the potty area. Never forget to praise the dog for eliminating in the potty area. This will encourage him in future.

In case of any accidents especially those that involve furniture or carpets, you should clean the area thoroughly with products that will get rid stain and odour. If you do not clean the mess, the dog is bound to catch scent of his urine and return to the same place to eliminate.

After the dog has become used to using the paper, you may clear out some of the area covered with paper only leaving a small portion. Soiled newspaper should be removed and replaced with dry paper.

Crate training / Confining your dog

Confining the dog to a small area will also reduce chances of accidents since the dog will not be eager to soil his living quarters. This confinement is good in times when you cannot keep track of the dog for example in the morning as you prepare for work.

Remember it is never too early to start training your house companion with easy online dog training tips.

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