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Cleanup Answers For Pet Stains And Odors

You may have a love for pets, but they can give your home a smell that you do not want to deal with. Cats and dogs, especially when they are puppies or kittens, can go to the bathroom on your carpet or floors in different parts of the house.

They can also spray to mark their territory. That can mean a lot of work for you if you do not know how to get of those stains and odors.

So if you are looking for cleanup answers for pet stains and odors keep on reading.

Commercial Cleaners

There are commercial cleaners in the market that can help you get rid of doggy odors and stains without having to spend hours scrubbing. They can be used on furniture and on carpets and eliminate the odors so your pet does not see it as a regular place to use as a bathroom or to mark. The most effective products are the ones that are enzyme based.

The reason they are effective is because they don’t aim to cover the odor; they actually break down the smell and completely remove it. Most of them are safe to use on carpets, furniture, floors and if your pet happened to stain your clothes, they are safe for that too. You should check the tag for material safety.

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Kitty Litter

Cats are fun to own, but every cat owner knows that a cat can mean a smelly kitty litter box. The cat will bury its waste, but even then you are sometimes left with a foul smell. There are some better cat litters that will mostly take care of the smell, but if you do not want to spend the money on those brands you can also go for the cheaper option: baking soda.

If you sprinkle the kitty litter with a little baking soda that will greatly help you reduce the smell that kitty litter can leave in the air. If you look at the ingredients of some of the best kitty litter brands you will see them advertise the fact that the brand has baking soda in it. Another thing that helps reduce the smell of kitty litter is to buy your cat a covered kitty litter box.

Smells on the carpet

Cleanup answers for pet stains and odors would not be complete unless we touched on how to clean the carpet. There are of course carpet powders that you can buy at the supermarket that can achieve the covering of pet odors from the carpet. However if you want to eliminate the odor then all you need is a spray bottle filled with water, baking soda and a carpet brush.

Spray water lightly on the areas you want to concentrate and sprinkle a little baking soda afterwards. Then run the carpet brush on the area, give it a couple of minutes and then vacuum. There are some commercial cleaners that will do a great job, and you can always steam clean the carpet, but the baking soda water trick works great if you do not have much time.



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