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Tips on How to Choose a Dog Crate

It seems there is always a question if it is right to crate your pet. There is a positive side to crate training your dog as canines have a natural instinct to live in dens, and you may be providing the perfect home for them.

The crate then becomes the home inside of a home, where your dog can relax and enjoy his privacy, as well as, you knowing that they are safe when you are not around.

Choosing a dog crate for your pet according to their size and type is important in making a home for your dog.

When deciding to purchase a crate, you will want to buy something that will last for years.  Once you have established a den for your dog changing it too often will result in having to retrain every time there is a new crate.

In warmer climates and also with larger dogs a wire crate may be more appropriate than a plastic crate which is better for smaller dogs in cooler climates. It is for this reason that when you begin your search you have some basic facts in hand for the best puppy housebreaking experience.

What Size is Right For Your Pooch?

If you are getting a crate for a puppy, than know how big he will get and find a crate that will house him when he is grown. Dividers can be added and removed as your puppy grows. Another factor is your pet needs to be comfortable in his home. Make sure that he can stand up and turn around as well as stretch out, but not to big, you do not want to include a bathroom in his house.

Wire Crate Advantages Compared To Solid Walls

Wire crates are great where the weather is warmer most of the year. They offer greater ventilation. These steel wired crates usually have one or two doors and dividers are easily attached for a growing puppy.

They are highly recommended for the larger dog because it allows them to see what is going on, and they do not feel isolated. The wire crate will also breakdown and can be stored or taken with when traveling.

Plastic Crate Advantages

The plastic crates come with a solid bottom, and a top that fits over it with ventilation holes, and a front wired door. This kind of crate is more enclosed and provides better insulation for the smaller dog, especially in cold climates. These dens provide more privacy and for a very active small dog, a refuge from a noisy home. The plastic crates are great for traveling, and are approved by the airlines.

Once you have made the decision choosing a dog crate, locate a spot in your home that will accommodate both your dog and yourself. This should be a place that is out of the main path of traffic and yet is not isolated from the family. Watch out for plugs and cords that may be too close to the crate. Your dog will not only enjoy his new family, but also his own den. 

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