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Grooming Your Beagle

A Beagle is a fantastic little dog for the family. They have a happy temperament with a tail that constantly wags. They are wonderful with children, large families and often the family cat.

The one thing that Beagles don’t often excel at is being off leash and performing in obedience trials. These lovely little dogs are often a popular pet because of their short hair.

While it’s true that grooming your Beagle is a very simple task to complete it is important to do so properly so your pet stays happy and clean.

A Beagle’s Ears

Because of the large size of this breed’s ears they are prone to chronic ear infections in dogs. They can get these in the form bad bacteria and chronic yeast infections. These kinds of problems can cause your friend to suffer hearing loss or have even get hematomas (blood filled areas under the skin) from shaking their heads.

One way to help this is to keep your dog’s ears clean with proper solutions and keep them dry. When bathing your Beagle it is very important that you put cotton balls in their ears to make sure no water gets in the canal. Make sure to wipe your dog’s ears out once or twice a week.

Trim Their Nails

You’ll also want to pay attention to your friend’s nails when grooming your Beagle. There are a couple of different nail trimmers you can choose from and simply make sure to get the one you are most comfortable using. If your dog has white toenails you will see the quick, or the part that bleeds if you get it too short, easily.

You’ll want to just take the tips off at first and then as you get more comfortable trim a little more off. If you pay attention to the base of the nail after you have you will see a lighter colored circle start to appear in the center, that’s how you know you’re getting close to the quick.

Bathing Your Beagle

The most important part to grooming any dog is making sure they’re clean. You will want to pay particular attention to their face as this is the part you greet the most and will notice it being dirty the quickest. It’s good to note that in between baths you can easily spruce your pet up with a warm, slightly sudsy wash cloth wiped over their face. 

Be careful not to get soap in their eyes or water in their ears. When scrubbing the head and neck, pay particular attention to their neck. Beagles tend to have a thicker amount of coat here that can hide a lot of odors. Dig in and massage the scent away. Make sure to rinse your Beagle very well when finished as left over soap residue can cause serious skin trouble.

Some Finishing Pointers

Grooming your Beagle is a simple task but that doesn’t mean it should be hurried. This can be a great time for spoiling your pet and getting a little bonding time in. Make sure to reassure them and reward them when you’re finished.

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